The Need To Collectively Build The Method Of Correction

plan The crisis is not over, but is just beginning to emerge. It’s been around for dozens of years, but it’s been concealed. The crisis affects the spheres of education, science, human relationships, family ties, relationships between sexes, between parents and their children, attitudes towards the older generation, man and his country and relationships between countries.

We feel the crisis in everything we do, thanks to the last, maximum degree of egoism that is being revealed inside us as the global interdependency of all the egoists of the world.  This cannot be fixed with billions of dollars of financial aid nor by UN resolutions. We can only help it by changing the relationships between people from egoistic to total interconnectedness, as demanded by the global system of humanity.

It will take time for people to grasp it. They’re already talking about human egoism as the cause of all evil in the world, but they still don’t fully understand the meaning of these words, and most importantly, nobody knows what we can and must do with this devastating quality inside of us.

If we explain to ourselves that egoism is the only evil and that we need to change within ourselves, we will discover that Kabbalah is the means to affect this change. Otherwise Nature will lead us through sufferings in order to show us that we must correct the egoism and therefore collectively build the same method of correction that has been given to us through the wisdom of Kabbalah.

(From the fifth lesson of the North American Congress 10.18.09)

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