Above Everything, Maintain Contact With The Creator

Laitman_2009-03_8183Question: What do I do if I feel bad and angry with the Creator?

My Answer: It’s important to maintain contact with the Creator, to ask Him questions and give Him answers, to plead and to demand. But the Creator remains hidden, waiting for you to turn your desire to Him alone.

Question: Even if I’m angry with Him?

My Answer: You can scold Him, but do not stop. What’s most important is to maintain contact with Him. If you keep this contact that’s the best reward, and if you disconnect that’s the worst punishment. The form of His response is completely unimportant, as long as you maintain contact; you should be willing to accept everything but disconnection. That would mean you care only about the Creator and not whatever profit you gain from this relationship.

Under the condition of constant contact, begin to analyze your reality. When you feel good or bad, do you desire this connection? I build my attitude toward Him above the unpleasant sensations, as it is written: “Love will make up for all sins.” Love will make up for them, but they will remain nonetheless.

(From the Daily Lesson 10.20.09)

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