The Physics Of The Sixth Sense

The Goal of Creation Is Perfect FulfillmentA question I received: In order to feel the spiritual we need to develop a sixth sense, which does not pertain to the physical body. How does it work?

My Answer: Everything that we feel is perceived by our senses, transformed into electrical and chemical processes in the brain, compared to what exists in the memory, discerned, and presented to the consciousness in the form of a ready-made image or concept.

My notion is built from two components which are, “I” and “what I perceive.” In addition, everything occurs in the desire. After all, the desire is the matter of the world.

The desire itself does not exist in the cells of the body. I only measure  its reaction to my desires and intentions within the body. I can measure the electrical and chemical processes in the body, but I only measure the reaction of the body this way, not what happens in the desire.

There is nothing with which I can feel or measure the desire itself. Let’s say I try a drink. I feel the taste, the smell, and I feel pleasure. We can measure different reactions of the body to this drink, but in any case this will be a measurement of the reaction, and not a measurement of the desire.

Therefore, any desire is virtual, in the material as well as in the spiritual worlds. The desire itself, whether it is egoistic or altruistic, does not exist in matter.

(From the First Lesson of the North American Congress  10.16.09)

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  1. What is the difference between desire and expectation? If both are not the same then which one is the precursor of the other?

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