A Kabbalah Book Is An Imprint Of The Soul

patentA question I received: Why is it so important to read Kabbalah books?

My Answer: Information comes in many forms. In our times, people are gradually shifting from reading to listening to audio files, and from listening to watching videos. But these are not the same thing.

Watching and listening to something happens on the animate level, but reading happens on the human level. This is completely different. Through reading a book, a person connects to a spiritual channel.

It’s great if you watch or listen to the lessons, but nothing can replace a book because it lets you find a more intimate contact, even if you don’t clearly feel it. In our times people may not be so used to reading books anymore, but this doesn’t change the fact that reading happens on the human level.

For example, when you read The Book of Zohar, you discover the importance of the letters, their forms and their order. And it doesn’t matter what language the book is written in. Kabbalists have given us a code in one language – Hebrew (or Aramaic) instead of other languages.

The shape of the letters reflects the model of the soul, like its imprint. The soul has several shapes, and this is how it is “imprinted” in a different form every time.

When we read the text, we go from one letter to another, and accordingly, our soul changes, taking on one form after another. This is why a book is connected to a person’s soul.

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  1. Rav,

    When you talked about this during the NA Congress. The impression I felt of teaching children, young adults and adults how to read and connect to the material would be a good form of dissemination and provide a necessary service (connection) to the society. If we also connect it to audio, video and make it into a serious but fun game we may find great success. If we could develop a program that starts with simple building blocks of reading to the advanced (speaking) level it would enhance the quality of our studying during the lesson and during the preparation. What are your thoughts on this approach?

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