Our Desires Can Make Magic Happen

what-does-a-man-look-for-in-a-womanA question I received: You said that when a person reads a text written by a great Kabbalist, he may suddenly see additional words appearing in the text, as if they are printed in the book. Does this effect also happen when the text is translated from Hebrew into other languages, such as English, Spanish and Russian?

My Answer: It makes no difference how the book was printed and what font or language it is using. As long as the original text was written by a person with spiritual attainment, then even when the book is translated into another language by a regular, professional translator, you will still see all of these phenomena. That’s because they depend on your aspiration to attain what is written there.

According to your current desire, you are seeing a book and certain words printed in it. If your desire changes, then instead of the book with printed words in it, you will see a source or system that brings you Light. You will see it as a spiritual fulfillment.
(From the second lesson at the North American Congress in Buffalo)

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