An Around-The-World Trip In An Ocean Of Light

lightA question I received: There is no time in the spiritual, but shouldn’t we act within the framework of corporeal time?

My Answer: When we enter the perception of the spiritual world, we act only in a field of forces – like in an ocean, where water surrounds us from all sides. In reality, this field is called just that – “water,” since it is primarily the Light of Hassadim (the Light of Mercy, “water”), where life, the Light of Hochma, is also present.

The Light of Hassadim fills everything with itself. It does not have right or left sides, a top or a bottom. Across the whole ocean of Light of Hassadim, from its center, circles disperse, which are levels of the Light of Hochma.  This is like a magnetic or electrical field, the strength of which changes as the distance from the center increases.

When a person enters spiritual sensation, he perceives everything with senses that have no perception of time, motion, space, or existence of reality, like in our world.

Although spiritual space has its own time, motion, space, and existence of reality, they are merely called an analogy to the corporeal ones. Time is what we call actions, which a person performs by changing himself.

The result of these actions, a person’s inner change and his relocation to the spiritual field, is called movement. He moves in this field according to his changes, becoming more and more similar to this field and drawing closer to its center.

Place is his disposition in the same field. He always exists in a point of his balance with the field, like a charge in a magnetic or electrical field.

The cycles, which he goes through sequentially, drawing closer to his center and performing inner changes in himself, are called worlds.

(From the first lesson of the North American Congress  10.16.09)

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