Passing On The Wisdom Of Kabbalah From Mouth To Mouth

leastA question I received: You said that the science of Kabbalah was conveyed “from mouth to mouth” for millennia. What does this mean?

My Answer: “From mouth to mouth” means that spiritual attainment is conveyed by way of a common Masach (screen) from teacher to student, when both are on the same degree. They are connected to one another as an adult and a child in our world: the adult can descend to the level of the child and teach him, while the child is capable of receiving from the adult. Learning is possible because both are in the same world and on the same level.

The same is true in the spiritual world: we can attain a connection with the Teacher because he descends to a lower spiritual degree, a degree the student has to rise to. They then reach a connection that is called “from mouth to mouth,” meaning: through a common screen between a Partzuf of the Upper Level and a Partzuf of the lower level. The screen stands in the Peh (mouth), and that is why the mutual connection is called “Peh El Peh” – mouth to mouth.

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