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godA question I received: Does one’s material situation also change when one attains spiritual correction?

My Answer: Corporeality changes together with spirituality. Corporeality is the initial level of our perception of reality. It is the level we feel now, and we have to ascend from it to the first spiritual level.

Like any other perception on any level, this one also exists relative to you, inside your own sensations. When you change your qualities, everything will change.

If we care about ascending into the spiritual world, then we project this aspiration onto the material level as well, and then we don’t feel problems. We end up feeling life in our physical body similar to the World of Infinity, where we don’t lack anything. We will have everything the body needs.

If you think only about your spiritual advancement up 125 degrees, then your material life will take place without any worries and problems. You will have enough of everything, without any illnesses or misfortunes.

This material level has to exist because prior to ascending to every subsequent level, you always fall back into this world in order to then ascend even higher from it. What we now feel as this world, as physical matter, is the first, inanimate level of all the worlds. It’s necessary for us to live on this level because it is the basis of all the spiritual ascents. If we will desire to exist on this level only for the sake of ascending, then life will be wonderful.

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