There Is An Ocean Of Spiritual Fulfillment Right Under Our Noses

How to Keep Effective Virtual ConnectionsThe fatigue we feel is deliberately sent to us from Above. It seems to us that there is nothing good about spirituality and today’s lesson is talking about the same thing as yesterday. And this fatigue we feel will only get stronger. If a person does not receive energy from his environment (the group and books), then he will not be able to continue advancing spiritually.

However, the greatest forces come from disseminating this knowledge to other people. When you do, you will come out of the lesson revived and much stronger than before. It’s because you connect to the desires of many people and you all experience the material together.

Inside your new desires, you reveal the world on a deeper level, and you experience this revelation as new energy and strength, a revival of your soul.

However, if you do not feel pleasure and the force of life from the lesson and dissemination, then you are not connecting with the desires of the friends. The correction lies only in unifying the broken connection between the souls. We have to correct what was broken. As soon as we attain the first connection with one another, to this degree we will immediately feel the Upper World.

The Light, the sensation of connection, bestowal, and love does not appear from some place, but it appears inside us as soon as we attain this quality. This quality comes from the Creator and envelops us.

The fact is that we are always immersed in an ocean of Light! That’s why we don’t feel that there is water all around us. We can only feel it inside our glass. So connect several souls together; you will then form a vessel and will feel the spiritual world!

This is so simple. When it finally becomes revealed to a person, he is taken aback because he sees that it was always right under his nose, and he wonders: why didn’t I do this ten years ago?

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