Moses And Pharaoh Are Inside All Of Us

dont-fight-egoism-aloneWe cannot overpower our desires. We can only replace one desire with another, better one. After all, a person is a desire, and he cannot go against himself.

The only way to fight a desire is by using an external force – the force of the Light. Then the Light will fight your war for you. This is why the Creator said to Moses: “Let’s go to Pharaoh! I will fight him in order to demonstrate my power and might over him. I will show you all of this!” This is also why the Creator said, “I created the evil inclination and the Torah for its correction, because the Light that’s concealed in it returns one to the source.”

Therefore, one’s task is not to fight against oneself, but to make efforts in order to draw Light from the study of Kabbalah. You only have to see your own evil from afar and have the desire to part with it. It’s like the story of Moses who grew up in Pharaoh’s house but then separated from him.

You have received a point in the heart, called Moses. You now have to attract the Light, the Creator, to fight against this evil, against your heart – Pharaoh.

There are three components to this state:

  1. A person’s evil inclination, his egoism, which hides deep within him. This is man’s nature, Pharaoh.
  2. A new consciousness that starts to form in a person, the point in the heart, Moses. This is the realization that you have to correct your evil inclination,  otherwise you won’t attain spirituality.
  3. The source of Light, the Creator. This is a book that talks about how to correct egoism using the Light. The book is a tool that enables you to attract the Light in order to correct your egoism, to change it and transform it to goodness.

Your evil inclination is inside you – it is Pharaoh. The force of the Light that you draw during the study is the force of the Creator. You, Moses, are in the middle, and you constantly wage this war, as it is written, “A person should always set his good inclination against his evil inclination.”

One’s point in the heart, Moses, grows up in Pharaoh’s house. Moses sits on Pharaoh’s lap, playing with his beard and trying on his crown. Moses was like an adopted grandson to the Pharaoh, and an adopted son to Pharaoh’s daughter, Batya. In other words, he was a prince.

But as soon as a person separates from his evil inclination, he starts to feel that they are opposite and hateful to one another. When Moses later comes to Pharaoh, he no longer speaks to him like a person he’s close to. He speaks to him like he is a stranger or an enemy.

This is how a person separates from his own nature, revolting against it and hating it. His only hope then is for the Light to come during the study of Kabbalah and change his nature.

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