Why Do We Feel Resistance To Come To A Kabbalah Congress?

what is mutual guarantee in a virtual groupA question I received: This weekend there will be a Congress in North America, and a week later – a Congress in Turkey. Everyone has the opportunity to participate. But what if a person has no desire to come?

My Answer: If a person realizes that he has no desire to come to the Congress, it’s a great point to begin the scrutiny of his egoistic nature and its correction. It all depends on what conclusion he makes: will he understand that his resistance to the Congress is help from above, a way of revealing his ego in order for him to rise above it? Or will he let himself meekly float on with the life’s current all the way until his death?

If I understand that the disturbance comes to me from the Creator, who is Good and does Good, and that there’s none else besides Him, then I begin to work with the disturbance in order to advance with its help. If I place myself between the disturbance, wanting to unite them within me, even if they fight with each other, then I will certainly come to the Congress (covered with scars from that battle).

No matter how strongly my ego is resisting within me, I will make that physical action. Perhaps I won’t want it deep inside, but I will still come! Then I will truly be doing good inner work.

If, however, I agree with my egoism and find all kinds of excuses why I’m not coming to the Congress, then I will miss the opportunity that was granted to me from Above by the Creator.

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  1. Dear Rav,

    Thank you so much for this answer – it was to someone else’s question, but I felt as if you answered mine. I have only been studying for 3 months, and didnt want to go to the Congress – I felt very apprehesive about it!. I dragged myself there after I read this post, and needless to say I had the most precious, and profound experiences there!! I came back so inspired, uplifted and moved! Thank you so much!


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