The Creator Is Our Innermost Attainment

wordsThe Creator is your corrected quality. The Creator is revealed inside of the created being, and this is why in Hebrew He is called “Bo-re” (“Come and See”).

You have to reach your corrected state, your corrected self, and you will then see your corrected qualities and call them “the Creator.” You reveal the Creator only inside you, inside your corrected vessels of perception. You don’t feel anything outside of you.

We perceive all of reality, all that exists, inside us, in our sensations. This is why The Book of Zohar states that all the worlds and everything that fills them, including the Creator, exist in a person. It’s because they are felt by a person only within. Everything only seems to exist on the outside, outside of us. This illusion is given to us purposely, so that through the contrast of the perception of “outside” and “inside,” we will acquire a capability to see the world, ourselves, and the Creator from the side as well as inside. We will then be able to feel creation like He does: before it was created, in the process of being created, and in the future “higher states.”

Spiritual perception is built on feeling within the desires of “others,” which you adjoin to yourself by way of the desire to bestow and love them. In this manner, your desire grows, and to the extent that you unite with other desires, you continue to reveal a greater and broader reality.

In our world we reveal the “World of Assiya,” where each person is secluded inside himself, in his own egoistic desire. But when you begin to unite with the group, which is similar to your desire for the Creator, then to the extent that you unite with their desire, you will reveal the World of Yetzira.

By uniting with the environment into one whole desire, you reveal the quality of bestowal that you’ve attained, and that is called the “Creator.” The phenomena that you reveal in your corrected desire are called the Light, and its innermost source is called the Creator.

But then, a greater egoistic desire is revealed inside you that is your “self,” and by trying to unite with the group over that egoistic desire, you attain the World of Beria.

This is how we reveal all five worlds. Baal HaSulam writes in the “Introduction to the Science of Kabbalah” that all the worlds exist inside of a person. The science of Kabbalah is the revelation of the Creator to the created being, inside the created being, meaning, inside his corrected desires (senses). By revealing the quality of bestowal, we also attain their Source, their Founder. This innermost attainment is called the Creator.


  1. This was the most convincing description of the creator, the universe, and the being that I have ever read. Thank You!

  2. This is the most clarifying explanaton of the five worlds. Thank you

  3. What is the world of BERIA? How is this world of BERIA related to egoism, if the Creator puts the desire within the person/group? Is this the “darkness”, the unknown, the MYSTERY, that is the unreachable that is constrantly lifting the cornor of the veil enticing one on and on in the pursuit, as in the book of the Song of Songs?

    How does humility apply to this constant pursuit of the Creator/Lover of humanity?

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