Incorporated In A Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: This is because what is found in the collective is only what is found in the individual. And the benefit of the collective is the benefit of each and every individual: Who harms the collective takes his share in the harm, and who benefits the collective takes his share in the benefit, since individuals are part of the whole, and the whole is not worth in anyway more than the sum of its individuals.

We have to accept this as operating laws, and it depends on a person’s development whether they are revealed or not.

We are all parts of the general mechanism. Every individual is like a cogwheel that spins in accordance with others and is not asked whether it wants to or not. The machine is already assembled and active and if you feel that you are free and independent it is only because you are detached from reality. You simply don’t know how you are being “spun.”

But at a certain point you are shown that from now on you have to spin in a conscious way, and if you don’t do that, you experience unpleasantness.

Let’s illustrate it in a drawing. There is a mechanism in which all the wheels are spinning ideally. There is a small engine attached to them (M), which spins them, all of them.

Then each wheel is made to understand that at a certain point in its work it has to stop spinning instinctively and start spinning according to its own will, by uniting with others, by feeling responsible for them, out of love for them.

A person feels that everyone depends on him and then in his “red zone” two forces begin to operate: the evil force and the good force. He knows that he has to use the good force, but he cannot do anything with himself and only wants to use the evil force. At precisely this gap (Δ) he discovers his free will.

Incorporated In A Desire
So the machine is working and you are spinning. Eventually, like it says, no one will be repulsed by the Creator, and everyone will return to his root. One way or the other, we are all its workers. But if you have a “point in the heart,” you want to reveal the truth and in order to do that you want to perform special actions, then you suddenly discover reality and it is revealed to you in two manners.

Then you have the opportunity to be incorporated in it and to discover and understand its engine—the Creator and the thought of creation and its whole system. When you become part of the process and equalize yourself with that “machine” you begin to see what it is and what it is meant for, etc.

You find yourself between the two opposites. On the one hand, the ego is pulling you outwards: “What do you need this for? Live and enjoy what you have, and what will be will be.” On the other hand, you are drawn to more.

Here you have to change the motivating force. Instead of being impressed by the attraction to new revelations, you start advancing in the real sense—incorporating in the general mechanism and acting in it.

This is possible only if you are incorporate in order to help others; not because you want to understand and to feel some innovation, to take part in something great, but in order to focus your powers on helping the general mechanism, on helping others. You have to switch the reason for your participation. Now you are being spurred by sufferings and you have to switch them to pangs of love.

As for the “machine,” it will operate as usual. Our world simply “spins,” but you are prevented from opening your eyes and seeing what is called the upper World—the sphere where all the accounts and all the decisions are made…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/10/12, “Peace in the World”

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