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Dr. Michael LaitmanConnection determines everything in our life, and if we achieve it we will rearrange our entire life, but without it life is worth nothing. But a person is lazy by nature and will not accept connection until life grabs him by the throat and he feels that it is a matter of life and death.

Indeed, connection is against our nature, and we are capable of rising above our nature only at the threat of death. But how can we unite and reach a good life before we are on the brink of death? This is possible only through the environment.

The environment can make a criminal of you, but can also turn you into a good person: It all depends on the environment in which you find yourself.

One will be hanged for his crimes and another will become famous, a great man. Your whole life can be changed in an instant because you entered the wrong door once, and what happened afterwards did not depend on you.

That is, we must build a good environment. We need another earth that will have different kindergartens, schools, relationships at work, home, between neighbors, and the government. Then everyone who enters this world will be immediately affected on all sides from this environment that will definitely make him a good person.

How do we start to save ourselves now, in our present state, when we are steadily heading for catastrophe? Let’s build this new world in the virtual space of the Internet. It was given to us for this purpose; this is our earth that can be good. We will make such a virtual capsule out of it, and we will only live on good terms with each other.

Everything that we do in the real world, we do only when necessary. Then we come into this virtual world and there our real life begins. Let’s create a special, wonderful country for ourselves and live in it. Everyone will feel as in a dream, a fairy tale, like a child caught in a great adventure.

You will see how much this will influence those who will be involved. Then we will attract more and more people on the condition that they do not destroy this country that we built and decide to live in it. Thus, we will cure the world.
From a Talk About Dissemination 9/7/12

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  1. Indeed a wonderful adventure and the world will be cured…..

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