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A Point Which Encompasses The Whole Process

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “A Handmaid that Is Heir to Her Mistress”: This is similar to a heavy load, which none can lift or move from place to place. Hence, the advice is to divide the load into small parts and subsequently transfer them one at a time.

The Creator has created a big, strong, thick desire to receive exactly according to His measure of bestowal and His desire to bring contentment to the created being. The Creator made this desire very complex, so that it can feel and understand Him and become similar to Him, so that it will accept and internalize the whole thought of creation and will process it in response. It is the same with the rich host, who although being first, wants the guest to become just like him without any limitations.

Many gradual corrections are required in order to do that. It is impossible to transfer the “load” at one time, meaning to correct the vessel that was created by the Creator. We have to clarify and to examine things in this vessel, to understand and to accept the process and to fulfill it on our part, in order to reach the identical form of the Creator. We have to do all that with attributes that we don’t even have.

A person is actually a machine, except for one point that comes from the Creator in the form of a spark. We don’t know what this spark is, but this is what brings us to life on the way to resembling the Creator. Something from inside doesn’t let me rest until I become like the Creator. If a person has such an urge, he must fulfill it without any questions. Only on the way, when he begins to understand something does he have freewill.

So it is about gradual actions through which we gradually add all the desires to receive to our spark, thus creating around it the form of the Creator. We build these forms from the desire to receive according to the plan that is in this point. All our Reshimot (reminiscences) from here until the end of correction are in this tiny “ball.” It is like a drop of semen, but this drop determines how and in which order parts of the desire will be added to it until a whole man is created around it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/30/12, Article “A Handmaid that Is Heir to Her Mistress”

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Whom Do I Want To Please?

Dr. Michael LaitmanAccording to the wisdom of Kabbalah the ideal is to “please the Creator.” This means that we have to restrict ourselves and receive the Returning Light, which in turn means to be ready to accept His form in order to bring Him contentment. This is our goal; all the clarifications and all our actions are meant to “please Him.” It’s the same in our world when by wanting to please someone I accept his desires as my own.

But on the whole, the ideal in our world is to “show off” before others, according to their values, whether it’s wealth, respect, control, or knowledge. How do people want to attain success and greatness? They do so by feeling that “I” am important. We can see this clearly in the younger generation that grows with its natural instincts in search of values. By discovering everything that is important for others, the young yearn for success according to the scale of values that society dictates.

So whom do we want to boast before, the environment or the Creator? This is the difference between the world and the one who yearns to correct himself with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. We want to advance and to be compatible with the Creator, to be equal to Him, and by that to bring Him contentment. The resemblance is possible only thanks to His force. We have to perform the right actions so that His force will influence us and make us resemble Him.

This work is called “the Torah and commandments.” Torah is the Light that Reforms, which means the Light that corrects us. In other words, we want to correct ourselves and not the world. This is the whole difference between those who deal with the wisdom of Kabbalah and those who deal with any other method.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the method for the correction of man. A person advances to the level that he corrects himself by becoming similar to the Creator. This is why he needs the wisdom of Kabbalah, the wisdom of the Light. If he doesn’t have the goal of self-correction, he doesn’t deal with the wisdom of Kabbalah, but with something else.

This is where the great difference between all the dealings in the world and the work of people with the “point in the heart” who study and fulfill the wisdom of Kabbalah lies. For them the important thing is the constant internal changes. Others try to improve their lives by using those around them. There is a very big difference here. While the world presents the “moral perception,” we advance according to the method of the Torah, which means according to the Light that Reforms, or in other words according to the method of Kabbalah.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/29/12, Article “Exile and Redemption”

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Gratitude To The Creator Is The Elevator To New Heights

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the article “One’s Future Depends On and Is Tied to His Gratitude for the Past,” it is written: The praise and gratitude that one gives to the Creator for the past expand the feelings, the Kelim, his properties, and his abilities to feel and appreciate in heart and mind the Creator’s influence upon him. And one is elated by every single point of the interaction between them, begins to feel and understand, attaining to Whom he is presenting the result of his labors, and in accordance with that, by expanding his properties, he soars ever higher to new sensations.

This means that gratitude is necessary for us. We do not influence the Creator, the Light, in any way. We don’t understand what happens within Him further. We speak of these sensations only from our own attainment, from our feelings, from what are, through human language and within our experiences. When we speak about something or someone, we speak of how we envision this object. This is why Creator is called “Boreh” (“Bo” – “Reh”),  “Come” and “See.” It is because when you come to these properties, you discover Him within them, and based on these properties, you render your opinion.

Therefore, gratitude is necessary in order to expand our Kelim and to change their properties.

Each of us has a point in the heart, and right now we are feeling something inside this point. But we cannot sense any picture inside it, since everything is compressed into a single point. We need to expand and unfurl it. How can we do this? On the one hand, we do it through the gratitude to the Creator. But in order for this method to affect us, we need to broaden this point by gathering within ourselves the points of our friends.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/19/12, Workshop 7

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We Should Only Strive Upwards

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe more strongly we are drawn to bestowal, the more our vessels of reception are enlarged for us. If our vessels of reception get bigger, we suddenly fall and find ourselves in darkness, needing to correct these desires. And that’s why we need the vessels of bestowal again.

So if we yearn for adhesion in bestowal, this is enough in order to constantly sway up and down, like on a swing: once in reception and once in bestowal. Each time you advance by enlarging both the vessels of reception and the vessels of bestowal.

But if you only think about your vessels of reception and about their corruption, constantly checking what is in them, it will lead to nothing. You will only discover their greater emptiness and nothing more than that.

The shattering occurred so that we won’t be left with our egoistic desires with no hope for correction, and as a result sparks of bestowal entered the receiving desires. Thanks to these sparks, the desires to receive can connect to the desires to bestow and disturb their peace. Thus they insert their ego into the desires to bestow, Galgalta ve Eynaim.

This way the desires to receive, AHP, also get a chance to be corrected. By that we can understand how important the broad dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah is.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/30/12, Shamati #45

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