Gratitude To The Creator Is The Elevator To New Heights

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the article “One’s Future Depends On and Is Tied to His Gratitude for the Past,” it is written: The praise and gratitude that one gives to the Creator for the past expand the feelings, the Kelim, his properties, and his abilities to feel and appreciate in heart and mind the Creator’s influence upon him. And one is elated by every single point of the interaction between them, begins to feel and understand, attaining to Whom he is presenting the result of his labors, and in accordance with that, by expanding his properties, he soars ever higher to new sensations.

This means that gratitude is necessary for us. We do not influence the Creator, the Light, in any way. We don’t understand what happens within Him further. We speak of these sensations only from our own attainment, from our feelings, from what are, through human language and within our experiences. When we speak about something or someone, we speak of how we envision this object. This is why Creator is called “Boreh” (“Bo” – “Reh”),  “Come” and “See.” It is because when you come to these properties, you discover Him within them, and based on these properties, you render your opinion.

Therefore, gratitude is necessary in order to expand our Kelim and to change their properties.

Each of us has a point in the heart, and right now we are feeling something inside this point. But we cannot sense any picture inside it, since everything is compressed into a single point. We need to expand and unfurl it. How can we do this? On the one hand, we do it through the gratitude to the Creator. But in order for this method to affect us, we need to broaden this point by gathering within ourselves the points of our friends.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/19/12, Workshop 7

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