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Mutual Guarantee Is The Precondition For Our Spiritual Birth

Dr. Michael LaitmanThanks to mutual guarantee a person reaches a state in which he feels that everyone supports him in order to provide him everything that he needs. Then he can think about others. It is only under this condition that he rises above his ego.

There are no other forces. The ego is the only force that dominates us and only in a group can we neutralize it.

If the group doesn’t neutralize and annul my ego, I will never be able to do it myself. I will be buried in it forever and will not be able to be born, to exit it. Mutual guarantee is the law of life for me, it is the precondition for my spiritual birth.

Unless I receive from the group the secure feeling of full protection and of the provision of everything that I need, I will not be able to rise above myself. In fact, it is mutual guarantee that gives birth to this feeling in me, and it isn’t up to me any more. If the friends influence me by their mutual guarantee, I will not stop thinking about them at all. That’s the way it works.

It is like a baby in his mother’s arms who feels that he has no troubles. He feels instinctively safe, and that he will be provided with whatever he needs. This is how I should feel, like a baby in the arms of the group, who feels that all his troubles are gone, all the thoughts, the anxieties, and the questions.

There is nothing that is connected to me; it is as if I am floating in the air. From this moment on I can begin to think about others.

We are talking about unchangeable laws, about forces that operate on us. It isn’t my fantasy or a guess. If the force of mutual guarantee operates on me, then I detach myself, and it makes no difference whether I want to or not. If the friends operate on me with this force, I am free of the ego’s domination. From that moment on I can think about others.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Don’t Make Us Carry You On A Stretcher!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf you don’t perform the right action during a descent, you are creating a double Machsom (barrier) before you. You should have overcome one Machsom during the revelation of a new void, but you postponed it and said that it wasn’t in your powers to do so. Now you’ll have to wait until the Creator turns to you again, which means that the new conditions for correcting that phenomenon will be revealed in you again, but differently. The Creator changes one angel, one force, with another and gives a person another chance to advance.

A person cooperates within a whole system in which he has to complete his part, which depends solely on him, in order to ensure the existence of the whole system and to advance it towards the goal. This movement takes place in the whole system, where every part is spurred and depends on others according to the order of correction from the bottom up in the chain of the Reshimot (informational genes).

What will happen to a person who doesn’t fulfill his Reshimot? Others will have to do his work. So a person damages everyone seriously if he doesn’t carry out the tasks that are revealed to him. By that he harms the whole system, the whole group. He doesn’t allow the group to advance and makes it work on extra corrections in order to complete what he couldn’t do. They have to carry him on their backs, like in a battle, when you have to carry a seriously wounded soldier on a stretcher. It’s a very sad situation for the group.

Since the whole system is whole, and the emergence of the Reshimot determines who should act first and who should act later, and how we are connected to one another, then all our actions depend on one another and complete one another. By not carrying out your task on time, you immediately condemn yourself and the whole world instead of judging yourself and the world to the scale of merit. You are standing on the scale tilting them to one side or to the other by being responsible for the whole world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Crisis Teaches Us To Consume The Necessary

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Euronews): “With many Spaniards struggling to make ends meet, many have found a novel way to find one off items on a budget.

“A growing number of people are breaking the habit of a lifetime and starting to buy goods second hand.

“Shoppers are now looking for all kinds of things which they had previously only considered buying new, from clothes to cars…

“Retail sales in Spain have slumped as the country enters its second recession in as many years, but second hand stores are one of the few places reporting huge increases. A result of struggling Spaniards learning to bag bargains and make do and mend.”

My Comment: So inevitably, we will all “descend” to the level of the production and consumption of essential goods and not more. In this case, the economy will “deflate” to its necessary normal size. Humanity will be satisfied with what is necessary for material existence and will change all its desires and possibilities to spiritual fulfillment through suffering, the expansion of the crisis, or through the realization of such development as the best one.

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The Reassuring Message

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Telegraph): “In a document released on Tuesday after a meeting between 11 foreign ministers in Warsaw, the bloc, which includes all the largest European countries outside Britain, charted a vision for the ‘future of Europe.’

“As well as calling for a single, elected head of state for Europe, the bloc demanded a new defence policy, under the control of a new pan-EU foreign ministry commanded by Baroness Ashton, which ‘could eventually involve a European army.’…

“The plan, which has the backing of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Holland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and Portugal the plan, is likely to fuel calls for a British referendum on membership of the European Union….

“In a joint statement, Guido Westerwelle and Radek Sikorski, the foreign ministers of Germany and Poland, called for the creation of a single EU President, running the commission and overseeing regular summits, who is directly elected by voters in a pan-European vote ‘on the same day in all member states.’”

My Comment: Thus, without a crisis, they could gradually reach the need for unity. For the time being, it is a step forward, forced, but correct. But if they stop on deepening integration, the crisis will be rekindled again; it will not go anywhere, but will be just “burning” slowly until humanity reaches its full integration like one family. So, it is up to them to decide how to realize it—on their own accord or through punishment. If they want to reach this through conscious development of the desire to bestow and love, they need the science of Kabbalah. Otherwise, they will be driven to happiness by force.

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You And Me And The Whole World Too

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the workshops we sit together and work on the cooperation among us, but what do I have to feel during the day when I am not in such an interaction with the friends?

Answer: Imagine that you are sitting with them, in a circle of ten men. How would you feel them, how would you mutually cooperate with them? Why would you do it that way? Go on clarifying the relations between you and don’t stop the discussions since this is the pattern of the soul, which will later grow all the way to Ein Sof (Infinity). That’s all. It is there in the relations that you clarify that you discover all the ten Sefirot, the whole network of the worlds; it is all there among you.

Let’s take the mutual connection between me and you and the general system for example. If we unite, I will attain Ein Sof, which means that there are no borders between us, that we are together.

Now there are five worlds separating us: Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut and Adam Kadmon. By getting closer to you, I go up the levels of these worlds until I reduce the distance to zero and enter the world of Ein Sof.

You And Me And The Whole World Too
Everything begins and ends here, in the connection between the souls. That’s all. The wonder is that if you are truly closing the gap with someone else, without lying to yourself, then you are also getting closer to all the other billions. It is exactly the same thing.

It is because we are in an integral, analog system and so all the other connections will concentrate in the connection between you and me. The whole system will display itself between you and the friend to whom you want to get closer.

An analog system is like a holographic picture—every detail in it is made of all the others. As a result of this wholeness, you will have to correct everyone and determine your attitude to all the souls in order to connect to your closest friend.

So don’t leave the picture of the overall unity, stay in it; carry on the workshop and you will succeed. It is the workshop that provides you with mutual work. The friends can awaken you and make you see how important the goal is and provide you with fuel. They help you and you help them. You want to and have to justify the friend, no matter what he seems to you, and you should carry on this work as much as you can, even internally, with other people.

Question: So what do they exist for? Why shouldn’t I spend my whole life in a circle of friends? Could it be that the others are just be interruptions that I should ignore?

Answer: No, you should also work with them, but differently. You have to accept all the external conditions as the corrections of the soul, the corrections of the connections with other people. Even if you work as a forester in the wilderness where there are no people, you still have to clarify your mutual relations with humanity: “Why am I doing this?” By that you are “feeling” and clarifying your own soul.

We have to see a network through which we enter spirituality in every situation in this world. You cannot draw away from everyone and be only with the group. One way or the other, we have to be connected with the whole world, and especially in our times when we have to correct the whole world.

So you have to work, you have to get married, you have to be connected with the world and be included in its suffering. Then, as it says, you will be rewarded with the comfort of the public.

Besides, if you turn to people in order to bring them the method of correction, in whatever form it may be, you are sufficiently incorporated in them by that, so that you can carry on the internal work. It is simply a wonderful opportunity to exit yourself and to come into the masses in order to include them later in the process of correcting the connection among us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/12, Questions and Answers 

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A Good Place On The Upper Floor

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe group is my Creator. If we are in a corrected connection, and I suddenly fall from this connection and am outside it and alone, then a difference is created, a gap (Δ) between myself and general unity. Thus, for me, this connection is the upper level, the Creator, my savior. Thus I turn to Him, pray, and ask that He take me back. I want to be integrated in Him, to adhere to Him.

A Good Place On The Upper Floor
The Kabbalists tell us that there was a descent of the worlds from the world of Ein Sof (infinity) until the level of this world, and now I need to gradually return through rising through the levels. But I don’t know anything about it. I only know one thing, that there is me and my upper. What is the upper? I don’t know either. For me It is limitless. I don’t understand or feel It. I only know that there is something higher above me.

I have one, unique way to imagine the upper to myself, and that is the form of the group. This is since it is a complete system in which everyone is connected together (Σ). It turns out that this is my upper level according to its properties and definition.

So you ask, “And where is the Creator, the upper force, the Light?” Indeed, within this system the Creator is revealed, the upper force. I feel Him there. This Light is discovered in our Kelim (desires) as impression in the attributes that they acquired.

When our desires begin to connect in all kinds of connections, impressions that we call Light will appear in them, but it’s not the Light itself, but some kind of vibrations in the soul that It invites. You measure these vibrations and determine them as the Light of Ruach. And other vibrations will already be the Light of Neshama or the Light of Haya.

I attain only myself, but from the actions of the Creator in me, I will know Him. What I feel within the connection, I give it a name the “Light’’ and ‘’upper world.’’ What I feel outside the connection is called “the lower world’’ and my ‘’I.’’

The group are not the faces I see in front of me, but its inner model, our connection, that exists invisible to my sight. There is a group that is in unity and in the state of Gmar Tikkun (the final correction) and there is the image that I see, human beings as such.

What I see depends on me. But actually, the group exists in a corrected form; I need to believe that in faith above reason. The Creator says: ‘’I brought you to a good place. You need to become adjusted to it, to connect to it, to bow your head before them. I brought you to such a place in which I will be revealed, if you buy it!”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/16/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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We Should Grow In Order To Reach The Medicine

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot,” Item 4: This is what has sustained us thus far, to maintain the armies and the wall around the wisdom of truth, so no stranger or foreigner would break in….

The wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed because all the nations had to develop. The entire world must advance until it is totally disappointed with the ego.

Then, when they feel powerless and cannot continue, people will see that the current form of life on earth has come to an end. This refers to the social and ecological destruction, and to a person’s inner destruction.

So, the wisdom of Kabbalah must be concealed in order to allow the ego to develop and not to stop this process in the middle. It is because it speaks about overcoming the ego, but if it isn’t ripe yet, there is nothing to overcome. Thus, we must wait until it reaches its full development. Kabbalists determined that the final phase began 500 years ago in the times of the Ari, but the last alignment was necessary so that, in our days, it will be absolutely clear.

Today, the entire world is beginning to acknowledge the fact that there is nowhere to develop and advance, and that none of the known methods can help us develop in the right way. So, the wisdom of Kabbalah—which, until now, was rightfully concealed—is being revealed to the world.

Question: To whom is it actually revealed?

Answer: It is gradually revealed to everyone. If we take the Europeans and the Americans, for example, if they see that they have reached a dead-end and have no means to correct the social crisis and the crises in industry, commerce, education, and in any other area, then thanks to our internal and external dissemination, they finally will be able to understand that there is a method that can help them overcome the ego that is destroying and viciously consuming them like a cancerous growth. This method will allow them to cope with it and begin living the good life again.

First, the cells of the general human organism grew separately, each according to its own form, like buds that sprout out of the earth. It was a natural process, and the wisdom of Kabbalah waited patiently in concealment for them to fully grow.

Finally, they have grown and begun to connect egoistically, and this egoistic connection very soon will lead to death since they are all connected, but “pulling the blanket” in their own direction. This is the nature of cancer. As a result, the terminal state is revealed, but, together with it, the wisdom of Kabbalah also is revealed immediately in order to allow its recovery.

The remedy cannot be revealed unless the patient discovers how critical his condition is. There must be “recognition of evil” here and “free will” as to whether to take the remedy or to ignore it. We, on our part, must work, and humanity must feel that it is ill. This is the process.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/19/12, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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