The Crisis Teaches Us To Consume The Necessary

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Euronews): “With many Spaniards struggling to make ends meet, many have found a novel way to find one off items on a budget.

“A growing number of people are breaking the habit of a lifetime and starting to buy goods second hand.

“Shoppers are now looking for all kinds of things which they had previously only considered buying new, from clothes to cars…

“Retail sales in Spain have slumped as the country enters its second recession in as many years, but second hand stores are one of the few places reporting huge increases. A result of struggling Spaniards learning to bag bargains and make do and mend.”

My Comment: So inevitably, we will all “descend” to the level of the production and consumption of essential goods and not more. In this case, the economy will “deflate” to its necessary normal size. Humanity will be satisfied with what is necessary for material existence and will change all its desires and possibilities to spiritual fulfillment through suffering, the expansion of the crisis, or through the realization of such development as the best one.

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