The Reassuring Message

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Telegraph): “In a document released on Tuesday after a meeting between 11 foreign ministers in Warsaw, the bloc, which includes all the largest European countries outside Britain, charted a vision for the ‘future of Europe.’

“As well as calling for a single, elected head of state for Europe, the bloc demanded a new defence policy, under the control of a new pan-EU foreign ministry commanded by Baroness Ashton, which ‘could eventually involve a European army.’…

“The plan, which has the backing of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Holland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and Portugal the plan, is likely to fuel calls for a British referendum on membership of the European Union….

“In a joint statement, Guido Westerwelle and Radek Sikorski, the foreign ministers of Germany and Poland, called for the creation of a single EU President, running the commission and overseeing regular summits, who is directly elected by voters in a pan-European vote ‘on the same day in all member states.’”

My Comment: Thus, without a crisis, they could gradually reach the need for unity. For the time being, it is a step forward, forced, but correct. But if they stop on deepening integration, the crisis will be rekindled again; it will not go anywhere, but will be just “burning” slowly until humanity reaches its full integration like one family. So, it is up to them to decide how to realize it—on their own accord or through punishment. If they want to reach this through conscious development of the desire to bestow and love, they need the science of Kabbalah. Otherwise, they will be driven to happiness by force.

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