You And Me And The Whole World Too

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the workshops we sit together and work on the cooperation among us, but what do I have to feel during the day when I am not in such an interaction with the friends?

Answer: Imagine that you are sitting with them, in a circle of ten men. How would you feel them, how would you mutually cooperate with them? Why would you do it that way? Go on clarifying the relations between you and don’t stop the discussions since this is the pattern of the soul, which will later grow all the way to Ein Sof (Infinity). That’s all. It is there in the relations that you clarify that you discover all the ten Sefirot, the whole network of the worlds; it is all there among you.

Let’s take the mutual connection between me and you and the general system for example. If we unite, I will attain Ein Sof, which means that there are no borders between us, that we are together.

Now there are five worlds separating us: Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut and Adam Kadmon. By getting closer to you, I go up the levels of these worlds until I reduce the distance to zero and enter the world of Ein Sof.

You And Me And The Whole World Too
Everything begins and ends here, in the connection between the souls. That’s all. The wonder is that if you are truly closing the gap with someone else, without lying to yourself, then you are also getting closer to all the other billions. It is exactly the same thing.

It is because we are in an integral, analog system and so all the other connections will concentrate in the connection between you and me. The whole system will display itself between you and the friend to whom you want to get closer.

An analog system is like a holographic picture—every detail in it is made of all the others. As a result of this wholeness, you will have to correct everyone and determine your attitude to all the souls in order to connect to your closest friend.

So don’t leave the picture of the overall unity, stay in it; carry on the workshop and you will succeed. It is the workshop that provides you with mutual work. The friends can awaken you and make you see how important the goal is and provide you with fuel. They help you and you help them. You want to and have to justify the friend, no matter what he seems to you, and you should carry on this work as much as you can, even internally, with other people.

Question: So what do they exist for? Why shouldn’t I spend my whole life in a circle of friends? Could it be that the others are just be interruptions that I should ignore?

Answer: No, you should also work with them, but differently. You have to accept all the external conditions as the corrections of the soul, the corrections of the connections with other people. Even if you work as a forester in the wilderness where there are no people, you still have to clarify your mutual relations with humanity: “Why am I doing this?” By that you are “feeling” and clarifying your own soul.

We have to see a network through which we enter spirituality in every situation in this world. You cannot draw away from everyone and be only with the group. One way or the other, we have to be connected with the whole world, and especially in our times when we have to correct the whole world.

So you have to work, you have to get married, you have to be connected with the world and be included in its suffering. Then, as it says, you will be rewarded with the comfort of the public.

Besides, if you turn to people in order to bring them the method of correction, in whatever form it may be, you are sufficiently incorporated in them by that, so that you can carry on the internal work. It is simply a wonderful opportunity to exit yourself and to come into the masses in order to include them later in the process of correcting the connection among us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/12, Questions and Answers 

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