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Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Series

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Learn To Work With The Spiritual Head

Dr. Michael LaitmanFirst the connection with the Light is made in the head of the spiritual Partzuf, where all the calculations take place. Only later do all the decisions that were taken in the head spread in the body and become realized in practice.

In reality there is nothing but a desire. A head is the same desire to receive that in the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) didn’t have a mind, didn’t have a head. It was just a desire to receive.

But later this desire decides that it wants to respond and to answer the Host, the Creator, and in order to do that, it must have a head. In fact, we don’t need anything else but a head!

We repeat the same actions that took place during the spreading of the worlds, the Partzufim, the Sefirot, and the souls from the top down. Now we have to repeat them in the opposite order, from the bottom up, this time by ourselves. So it turns out that our mind, the head constantly grows.

The head grows a little, and then I can do some more with it, it grows a little more and I can do something else. Thus I constantly grow on the spiritual ladder, and my head constantly grows like a cone, until it is equivalent to the world of Ein Sof. This means that now I have thoughts and decisions that encompass all my desires, an understanding and attainment of all the actions.

The actions themselves remain the same. I replicate everything that took place during the descent from the top down and repeat it from the bottom up. But I precede all that by self-calculation, by attainment. Therefore the ascent up the ladder is called the levels of attainment, the ladder of attainment.

Now we are at the bottom of this ladder and behind us there is all of humanity ready to ascend. The only thing we need for that is to increase our mind, the “head” and to start working with the “spiritual head.” Therefore, the knowledge that precedes all the actions is so important.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/8/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Don’t Miss The Opening In The Wall For The Faint Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanReaching the “Gate of Tears” means seeing that you are nothing but a heavy stone that cannot be lifted, a desire that cannot be moved by your own powers; all its movements are made only by energy that comes from the outside. So, all our work is to find the means to induce this help from the environment.

It is a very important point in which we were given free will. Just when a person loses his powers and doesn’t see how he can do anything, when he feels despair or just weakness, when he loses his motivation and his hope for the future, he suddenly feels that he cannot move by himself. There is no will power that can pull him forward towards the goal or at least some small thorn that will spur him from behind and will force him to move.

It is in such a dead state that the free will to advance by one’s own powers appears, not by strange powers, whether they are negative or positive, but by finding the powers to advance by himself. He shouldn’t look for these powers inside him, but rather start working with the environment, and by its power climb up to the Creator.

But a person should be very sensitive to that in order to discern in such miserable gray states the momentary opening of the Light when you can enter and perform your action.

Suddenly an opening for the Light appears, within the multitude of desires, into which a person can penetrate and use in order to break through. One must constantly wait for that moment in the most lifeless state, when a person feels powerless and has lost all taste in spirituality. Even in that state it is possible to be sensitive.

When one feels despair or indifference, he still has to keep his sharp perception, waiting expectantly that within this state he will be able to leap outside. It is as if there is a solid wall before you and suddenly you notice a tiny crack; You penetrate it and from there you discover the way out. It is there, in this dark state that you find how to attain fulfillment.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/6/12, Writings of Rabash 

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Cancer Cells: Not Individual, But A Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Rice University): “In the face of mounting evidence that cancer cells communicate, cooperate and even engage in collective decision-making, biophysicists and cancer researchers at Rice University, Tel Aviv University and Johns Hopkins University are suggesting a new strategy for outsmarting cancer through its own social intelligence.

“‘We need to get beyond the notion that cancer is a random collection of cells running amok,” said Herbert Levine, co-director of Rice’s Center for Theoretical Biological Physics and co-author of the cover article in this week’s Trends in Microbiology that pulls together dozens of recent discoveries about the social behavior of cancer cells. ‘These cells lead sophisticated social lives.’

“Article co-author Eshel Ben-Jacob, a senior investigator at CTBP, said, ‘Cancer is a sophisticated enemy. There’s growing evidence that cancer cells use advanced communications to work together to enslave normal cells, create metastases, resist drugs and decoy the body’s immune system.’ …

Ben-Jacob said cancer cells have been shown to cooperate to elude chemotherapy drugs, much like bacteria that communicate and act as a team to resist attacks from antibiotics. He said some cancers appear to sense when chemotherapy drugs are present and sound an alarm that causes cells throughout a tumor to switch into a dormant state. Similar signals are later used to sound the “all clear” and reawaken cells inside the tumor.

“‘If we can break the communication code, we may be able to prevent the cells from going dormant or to reawaken them for a well-timed chemotherapeutic attack,” Ben-Jacob said. “This is just one example. Our extensive studies of the social lives of bacteria suggest a number of others, including sending signals that trigger the cancer cells to turn upon themselves and kill one another.’”

My Comment: Cancer is a body in the body. Our body is a community of cells bound to a single idea to mutually support life. But there is the disease of cancer: Some of the cells, due to their increased egoism, become separated from the other cells of the body and begin to see them as enemies, as a foreign body that needs to be attacked and devoured. Cancer is a breakdown in the program of cells whose increased egoism does not feel the body as their own. This is like us who are unconscious of nature as our own home and who wish to destroy it for its passing good. As cancer cells kill the body and then die from lack of habitat, so are we heading towards death as we are killing our planet.

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Connection That Penetrates The Entire World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On one hand, when we work with a group of regular people, we explain to them that they must establish the kind of relationship between them that will make them happier. On the other hand, we tell them that we are in the middle of a common universal process when the entire society will be changing. This evokes a corresponding reaction in people: “For example I do something in my group, but nothing will change until the government, the entire country, and the entire society take measures.” How can we convince people that things depend on them?

Answer: The thing is that when some ten years ago we would tell people that a crisis has taken over the world, no one believed us. Even in 2007, Nobel prizes were given out for theories about the absence of a threat of a crisis. But it struck in 2008!

Mankind always drives itself into a corner because they do not have a method, a plan; they lack understanding of what they are doing and where they are going. They neither know the goal nor the forces of the world that develop them. And this is why it naturally seems to them that it is impossible to achieve unity of society.

They do not perceive the net that exists between all the people in the world. Even though we speak about the butterfly effect, about different interconnections between us, they obviously do not feel it. And this is why they think: “What will it do if I make one group or another? What of it? What will it lead to?”

They do not understand that this way they join an inert mass, they launch it, and it moves on its own. And a month or two from now everyone will be saying the things we say between us today. This is why when they work with a small group, in reality they use it to create a buffer between them and the entire world and this way they pump the entire spiritual energy through them and the group to the entire world.

Even though these forces, this net of connections between everyone, is absolutely invisible, you suddenly begin to feel that people begin to say the same things as we do all over the place, and this is the way it spreads. In other words, you see by the reaction, the response, the echo, which come from around the world, that the things you used to say a month ago are now becoming the property of masses. Even though, in general, they did not hear anything from you, but they feel it subconsciously on the inside because the upper Light has come to them and is working in them.

We can explain to the masses that we are all connected (there are many scientific articles regarding this), and when all of us do something, it necessarily becomes the property of the entire humanity because it passes through the net of connections.

Today we do not even need to use Kabbalistic terminology. The connection between people, the globality of the world, oneness of nature and its integrality, today, all these things are fully manifesting, and this is why we are also coming out to the world.
From a Virtual Lesson, 8/26/12

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What Do We Want?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we explain to people what we want and what our benefit is, because the 99% think in the desire to receive?

Answer: A person wants to receive, he desires to enjoy, but everyone has a different concept of pleasure. The fact is that in our time this opportunity begins to disappear: This is what the threatening crisis is. It takes from us not just the excesses, but it also makes us face the fear of hunger and enormous challenges ahead.

That is why, everyone wants to receive, but to be fulfilled we only will be able to when we become all interconnected. Otherwise, we will not receive the Light: It will always move away from us, this is what is happening now. To make the Light get closer is possible only to the extent of becoming similar with It.
From a Virtual Lesson 8/26/12

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How To Penetrate Into A Foreign Desire?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is this mutual integration that we must attain between us?

Answer: The integration of desires into each other occurred due to the breaking of the vessels. Foreign desires can also be integrated without the breaking by means of common screens.

But there can’t be integration in desires. If I want something sweet and you want salty, then these are two different demands that can’t be together. They can somehow dress in one another, but neither of them can nullify the other. Each desire has its own place where it is revealed and receives fulfillment.

The Light gave birth to each desire and keeps it in the same form in which it was created. Therefore a very big question appears: So what is integration, penetration into a foreign desire and how is it possible?

Integration can only be in external forms that we provide for ourselves, thus from the inside we remain the same. We can’t integrate in each other through the desires because each one has their own desires. It was said, “Just as their faces are not equal, so are their thoughts and desires not equal.” We can’t connect in desires because each desire is defined precisely and separately from the others.

Each desire was created by its special Light. But when these desires bring about themselves a form of bestowal towards one source, then they can begin to unite thanks to this form of bestowal and they can integrate in each other precisely because there is one common Source, one to all. If all the desires yearn for it, then thanks to their common yearning, they begin to integrate in each other.

Otherwise, mutual integration is impossible. Only the one common Source obliges us to connect and integrate between us. Otherwise we would remain separated. And only so we can achieve a real connection, and not as a group of criminals that connect for an egoistic benefit where each one remains with his desire and with the help of the connection hopes to get fulfillment for himself.

But if we want to integrate with the desires of others, then it’s possible only with the Reforming Light that directs only to one source, which connects between us. As it was said, “He Who makes peace in His Heavens, may He make peace upon us.”

The desires themselves can never connect; each desire remains on its own. If it was not so and all the desires would once again connect and integrate into one desire, then we would not achieve in Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction), an attainment that is 620 times greater in intensity than from what existed previously. This attainment is 620 times greater in intensity because each desire remains on its own; each one is in its Klipa (shell), in its envelope. And when despite everything, they unite to one fruit, beneath one Klipa (shell) like pomegranate seeds, then there is attainment of perfection 620 times greater, adhesion to the Light, and clarification of the Light.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Time Is A Shortcoming Of Our World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My question is related to time. Perhaps we are not achieving the unity only because we are unable to simultaneously aspire to Him? After all, individually all of us already have felt such an immense connection.

Answer: Time is a shortcoming of our world. If I felt completely secure in absolute confidence, and there were little or no difference in my current state every minute and my state in the next year, in twenty years, or in a thousand of years, if changes did not exist in my states then there would be no time.

Then what does “did not exist” mean? This means that no state would be better or worse than another one. How can it be? It can be if I have full confidence the Creator. Then on one hand the states can change, but on the other hand I totally don’t care how they change. Then time disappears.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/19/12, Lesson 7

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Everybody Is Equal In Spiritual Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom The Study of the Ten Sefirot, Part 3, Chapter 13: It means that since Keter is first in merit from the perspective of the Ohr Yashar, Malchut is last in merit, for she receives last, and is the farthest from the Shoresh. It is the opposite from the perspective of the Hitpashtut of Ohr Hozer, namely Sefira Malchut became the Shoresh and is the first in merit, and Keter last. It turns out that all the Kelim equalize to the exact same level by clothing the Ohr Yashar in Ohr Hozer. It is so because all that is better in Eser Sefirot de Ohr Yashar is worse in Eser Sefirot de Ohr Hozer, and vice versa, all that is better in Eser Sefirot de Ohr Hozer, is worse in Eser Sefirot de Ohr Yashar. Thus, all the Kelim become equal.

All desires replenish each other; if Direct and Returning Light are present, it means that a spiritual action has already taken place and there is no difference in who exactly performed it. Friends do not differ from one another whatsoever. If one’s Aviut (depth of desire) completed the work that one was supposed to perform, then one stays equal to everybody else.

The higher the Sefira of the Direct Light, the lower is the Sefira of the Returning Light that dresses it; the lower the Sefira of the Direct Light, the higher the Returning Light. Consequently, they are equal. In spirituality, there is no difference between us. One has a higher soul, the other one has a lower and “coarser” soul, but eventually they all do the same work.

A higher soul is closer to the Light, but this “highness” does not allow a person to bear a big amount of the Returning Light. Due to the fact that lower desires interact with him, he achieves a bigger depth of desires and acquires a larger screen, thus getting more of the Returning Light. This happens to each Sefira, which includes all other Sefirot and reaches the same level as all others.

So, when I invest my spiritual inspiration into the group, I get back from them a power of my own corrected desire (Aviut) together with its “fineness” (Zakut), which makes all of us equal. They needed my aspiration, whereas I required their corrected desire. It’s similar to a fetus inside of his mother that defines the processes in her body that he has to go through.

A little one is more important for an adult than himself, since a bigger depth of desire becomes imperative; likewise, Malchut determines what to do next relative to Bina. According to the goal of creation, if a bigger desire is added to the process of correction, at all times it becomes more important. Every part of Malchut that connects to Bina defines what she is supposed to do, and Bina is obligated to fulfill this requirement.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/30/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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