Connection That Penetrates The Entire World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On one hand, when we work with a group of regular people, we explain to them that they must establish the kind of relationship between them that will make them happier. On the other hand, we tell them that we are in the middle of a common universal process when the entire society will be changing. This evokes a corresponding reaction in people: “For example I do something in my group, but nothing will change until the government, the entire country, and the entire society take measures.” How can we convince people that things depend on them?

Answer: The thing is that when some ten years ago we would tell people that a crisis has taken over the world, no one believed us. Even in 2007, Nobel prizes were given out for theories about the absence of a threat of a crisis. But it struck in 2008!

Mankind always drives itself into a corner because they do not have a method, a plan; they lack understanding of what they are doing and where they are going. They neither know the goal nor the forces of the world that develop them. And this is why it naturally seems to them that it is impossible to achieve unity of society.

They do not perceive the net that exists between all the people in the world. Even though we speak about the butterfly effect, about different interconnections between us, they obviously do not feel it. And this is why they think: “What will it do if I make one group or another? What of it? What will it lead to?”

They do not understand that this way they join an inert mass, they launch it, and it moves on its own. And a month or two from now everyone will be saying the things we say between us today. This is why when they work with a small group, in reality they use it to create a buffer between them and the entire world and this way they pump the entire spiritual energy through them and the group to the entire world.

Even though these forces, this net of connections between everyone, is absolutely invisible, you suddenly begin to feel that people begin to say the same things as we do all over the place, and this is the way it spreads. In other words, you see by the reaction, the response, the echo, which come from around the world, that the things you used to say a month ago are now becoming the property of masses. Even though, in general, they did not hear anything from you, but they feel it subconsciously on the inside because the upper Light has come to them and is working in them.

We can explain to the masses that we are all connected (there are many scientific articles regarding this), and when all of us do something, it necessarily becomes the property of the entire humanity because it passes through the net of connections.

Today we do not even need to use Kabbalistic terminology. The connection between people, the globality of the world, oneness of nature and its integrality, today, all these things are fully manifesting, and this is why we are also coming out to the world.
From a Virtual Lesson, 8/26/12

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