Everybody Is Equal In Spiritual Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom The Study of the Ten Sefirot, Part 3, Chapter 13: It means that since Keter is first in merit from the perspective of the Ohr Yashar, Malchut is last in merit, for she receives last, and is the farthest from the Shoresh. It is the opposite from the perspective of the Hitpashtut of Ohr Hozer, namely Sefira Malchut became the Shoresh and is the first in merit, and Keter last. It turns out that all the Kelim equalize to the exact same level by clothing the Ohr Yashar in Ohr Hozer. It is so because all that is better in Eser Sefirot de Ohr Yashar is worse in Eser Sefirot de Ohr Hozer, and vice versa, all that is better in Eser Sefirot de Ohr Hozer, is worse in Eser Sefirot de Ohr Yashar. Thus, all the Kelim become equal.

All desires replenish each other; if Direct and Returning Light are present, it means that a spiritual action has already taken place and there is no difference in who exactly performed it. Friends do not differ from one another whatsoever. If one’s Aviut (depth of desire) completed the work that one was supposed to perform, then one stays equal to everybody else.

The higher the Sefira of the Direct Light, the lower is the Sefira of the Returning Light that dresses it; the lower the Sefira of the Direct Light, the higher the Returning Light. Consequently, they are equal. In spirituality, there is no difference between us. One has a higher soul, the other one has a lower and “coarser” soul, but eventually they all do the same work.

A higher soul is closer to the Light, but this “highness” does not allow a person to bear a big amount of the Returning Light. Due to the fact that lower desires interact with him, he achieves a bigger depth of desires and acquires a larger screen, thus getting more of the Returning Light. This happens to each Sefira, which includes all other Sefirot and reaches the same level as all others.

So, when I invest my spiritual inspiration into the group, I get back from them a power of my own corrected desire (Aviut) together with its “fineness” (Zakut), which makes all of us equal. They needed my aspiration, whereas I required their corrected desire. It’s similar to a fetus inside of his mother that defines the processes in her body that he has to go through.

A little one is more important for an adult than himself, since a bigger depth of desire becomes imperative; likewise, Malchut determines what to do next relative to Bina. According to the goal of creation, if a bigger desire is added to the process of correction, at all times it becomes more important. Every part of Malchut that connects to Bina defines what she is supposed to do, and Bina is obligated to fulfill this requirement.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/30/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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