Stages Of The Formation Of The Mind: From Feeling To Understanding

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything takes place in the desire to receive, the only created being. And it is controlled by the Light that educates it and teaches it by everything that happens with this desire. The process begins from the fourth phase of the Direct Light from which we see that in addition to filling the created being that it created, the desire brings it to feel it, the Creator. Eventually the created being (the fourth phase – Behina Dalet) begins to feel that someone has created him and is now filling him, which means that there is something else besides the desire itself and the fulfillment.

We don’t feel it in our lives, since we feel ourselves as phase one, at the beginning of creation: I have a life and I am alive. We don’t feel that we are receiving this life from someone and that is why we don’t develop above the first level, the level of the inanimate.

The vegetative level already feels that its life is determined by someone’s desire, by some plan that leads to a certain goal. This means that it feels that there is a reason that leads to a process that leads to a goal. Thus two attitudes are developed in it: towards its condition and towards the one who provides this condition.

The created being can feel good or bad, and at the same time feel that this good or bad feeling comes from someone. Accordingly, he develops an attitude towards this “someone.” Instinctively, he loves the one who causes him pleasure and he doesn’t like the one who makes him suffer.

But thanks to the fact that he goes through many states, the created being begins to gradually accept the mental discernments along with the emotional impression. The mental discernments are formed in the created being thanks to the clarification of the process, the connection between the cause and the consequence, and by comparing the two. It is as if he begins to put a puzzle or Lego pieces together by putting together different parts, different states, by comparing them and connecting them with different reasons and outcomes.

After feeling many pleasant and unpleasant states and seeing that they are connected, he understands that it is impossible to judge and to respond only on the basis of the initial emotional feeling since there is no such program in bestowal. There is a certain formula that connects the cause and the consequence, and so we can be in many unpleasant states that are useful and eventually bring about better feelings.

Thus the ability to think begins to develop in us, and the thinking process appears. Together with the desires, the mechanism of the mind begins to take on a form, thus enabling a person to relate the process we are going through regardless of what he feels. We can already detach ourselves from our feelings and check these feelings by using the mind and relating to them objectively, as if from the side. This is how we begin to clarify our states.

As a result, the attribute of Bina appears in the created being, the understanding that is detached from the first phase, which is a pure feeling. A person begins to rise, with the help of the mind, above his feelings as a “clever man who sees the future.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/12/12, Shamati #121

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