From Linear Egoism To The “Round” World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Currently, we move from a linear, narrow-minded egoistic development to a “round,” whole world. How do we build the course of integral education in a way that it quickly shifts a person from a linear perception of the world to a global, universal perception?

Answer: It’s easy! Everything depends on the influence of the environment!

If the environment surrounding a person is integral, there will be a society built on top of specifically equal circumstances. Naturally, there are no equal people, but specifically equal circumstances will serve as a connection among them: friendly and equal, creating integral fields of communication around them where a person will feel as a part of the whole even if this feeling gradually disappears as the feeling of the whole will start prevailing.

Then a person begins to perceive the world in a holistic way. And he will treat everything else outside of his small society as a whole, and he will be able to perceive the world correctly and interact with everything in a proper way.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/21/12

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  1. If everything depends on the environment, what constitutes the environment? Does the environment include the thoughts and emotions of the self and of other humans? If it is so, how can such a thing be made to be integral enough to bring about an integral-holistic perception in the collective?

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