Stages Of The Formation Of The Mind: Waking Life In Stone

Dr. Michael LaitmanPhase two, Bina, is characterized by its understanding. Therefore, a person who attains it in his development begins to relate differently to what he feels. Even when he feels that he is in the dark, when he feels bad in the hardening of the heart, it is as if he is in a fog or a dark cloud, but at the same time he begins to acquire powers in order to detach himself from his feelings and to clarify them independently.

This allows him to agree with what the Creator does with him and to justify the Creator’s actions, since the Creator wants to raise a person above his feeling and to let him see it from the side. It is because he is in a difficult spot now, feeling pain, that he can clarify it by the mind above his feelings. Then he can accept this dual state gladly, since on the basis of this dual attitude he can build a new state, which is higher than the previous state, and higher than his desire.

Thus a person reaches the second phase (Behina Bet) instead of the first phase (Behina Aleph). He rises to the vegetative level and begins to move independently. He doesn’t just feel the good and the bad that come along like a lifeless stone that cannot respond at all, but begins to determine the state he is in by himself.

He justifies the actions that help him advance and establish a relationship with the Creator, and determine the Creator’s treatment as the “good and the benevolent” in every state, including the states in which we feel good or bad in our egoistic perception. Now he is in contact with the Creator above all these states.

But I want to develop further and attain such a state to “restrict” myself above the darkness. This means that I don’t care what I feel in my desire to receive; it doesn’t affect what I feel towards the Creator, the source. I don’t relate to the Light as to a pleasure like in the first phase that feels only pleasure or lack of pleasure. I bestow upon the Light like in phase two, I raise the Returning Light even higher, not because of a good feeling, but in order to adhere to the Creator above this feeling.

This means that I unite with the process the Light puts me through, by which it teaches me to be constantly connected to it, to its plans, above all the good and the evil. Then I adhere to Him above my feeling.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/12/12, Shamati #121

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