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Simplicity And Mobility

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we bring scientists into the system of integral education?

Answer: I think so, but the problem is that it is rather difficult to work with well-known people: to pick a time convenient for them, provide transportation, and create special conditions. That is why the best and most practical solution is to make clips with them that will be accessible to instructors and could be shown on screen whenever needed.

It is preferable to make everything portable and easy. Today, you can put any amount of information in a small notebook and use a little overhead projector because everything there is processed and organized clearly, concretely, with all the data about the people whom you present. That’s enough.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/22/12

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Roundtable: A Tool For Integration

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to organize serious roundtables where our teachers, students, and scientists would participate in preparing our experts?

Answer: Try whatever you can. A roundtable is a tool for an action of mutual integration. Around the roundtable, you create a new integral force that no one has had before and which isn’t just the sum of all the desires and thoughts of the participants, but a much higher force.

They don’t just converse and reach some collective conclusions. They also annul themselves emotionally in order to connect with others, in order to create a unique integral person, to create a new personality. The emotion that is created among them is a totally new tool for solving all the problems, questions, and fantasies, for everything.

You can take this new integral tool everywhere, and you will solve any questions correctly since the world is integral, and by that, you are putting yourself in a balanced state with nature. People who have joined in this constantly yearn for it. They feel that there is a special inspiration here, an elevation; it is the next level of our development where you can actually detach yourself from your body and feel that you exist not in the detachment, but in much more sublime mind and feelings than when you were on your own.

So, bring more people along. They instinctively will yearn for such groups, for such opportunities. I believe that roundtables can be broadcasted through TV channels and different virtual channels. We simply must cultivate them.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/22/12

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What Will Happen To Japan?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Takeshi Fujimaki, former adviser to billionaire investor George Soros): “‘Japan is likely to default before Europe does, which could be in the next five years,’ the president of Fujimaki Japan, an investment advising company in Tokyo, said in an interview yesterday [June 14]. Japanese should hold foreign-currency products, such as those denominated in the greenback, Swiss franc, sterling, Australian and Canadian dollars, Fujimaki said.

“Should the Japanese government default, the yen may weaken to 400-500 per dollar, and the yields on benchmark 10-year bonds could surge above 80 percent, according to Fujimaki. …

“Japan’s public borrowings, the world’s biggest, will balloon to 245.6 percent of its annual economic output in 2014, up from 67.3 percent in 1984, an estimate by the International Monetary Fund shows. …

“‘There’s no way out of Japan’s crisis,’ Fujimaki said. ‘The only option left for Japan is either default or print money into hyper-inflation.’”

My Comment: There is a way out of the crisis for every country and the entire world if we understand its cause—the hyper-egoism of managers—if we begin to transform the world community from antagonistic to fraternal, and if we start to transfer the economy from over-consumption to reasonable consumption through a realistic reduction of infrastructure. Otherwise, the crisis will bring us to this through the destruction of the entire infrastructure.

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“Civilization Basically Stopped Progressing In The 1960s”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Peter Thiel, billionaire Facebook investor, former PayPal CEO, and Palantir co-founder): “For most of recent human history—from the invention of the steam engine in the late 17th century through about the late 1960’s or so—technological process has been tremendous, perhaps even relentless. In most prior human societies, people made money by taking it from others. The industrial revolution wrought a paradigm shift in which people make money through trade, not plunder.

“The zenith of optimism about the future of technology might have been the 1960’s. People believed in the future. They thought about the future. Many were supremely confident that the next 50 years would be a half-century of unprecedented technological progress.

“But with the exception of the computer industry, it wasn’t. Per capita incomes are still rising, but that rate is starkly decelerating. Median wages have been stagnant since 1973. People find themselves in an alarming Alice-in-Wonderland-style scenario in which they must run harder and harder—that is, work longer hours—just to stay in the same place. This deceleration is complex, and wage data alone don’t explain it. But they do support the general sense that the rapid progress of the last 200 years is slowing all too quickly.”

My Comment: All the years of development after 1960 have not been beneficial for mankind. We need to rise to the next level and strive to achieve goals other than the material ones that no longer can satisfy and benefit us.

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Let There Be Fewer Penalty Laps

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it important to understand exactly what the Creator wants from me or is it most important to simply continue as best as one can?

Answer: The Creator wants only one thing from you: for you not to leave Him.

There is no thought, desire, or action in the world, which does not lead towards the revelation of the Creator, directly or indirectly. There is nothing besides this.

We would have revealed Him directly, but this is practically impossible to do. And since we are not capable of moving from point “A” to point “B” by the shortest direct path, a number of indirect reasons arise that direct us and make us move.

These events may confuse a person in many ways, placing obstacles in front of him and making him spin around them for many long years before he makes one step forward. Although it would seem that he could have moved directly without going around.

But in everything that is happening in the world and in the whole of the human history, there is nothing besides the movement towards the Creator. Why else should all events occur if everything is defined by the opposition of the Light and the vessel and the revelation of the Reshimot, (informational genes)? Everything is directed only at clarifying and correcting them. Either, we directly perform our work on them, or as a consequence of the separation, nature will make us come to the same result by the path of suffering. However, this will take a long time since the forces of egoism (Klipot) are stretching it out like rubber, turning each point into a long period, in this way depriving us of strength and confusing us.

As it is said: “The Creator created man straight, but people have thought up of numerous retributions.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/5/12, Shamati #25

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It Is The Light That Gives Birth To Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar is the Light that Reforms, and The Book of Zohar is also called “the Upper Light.” We can enjoy this Light only if we know how to draw it, when we are in equivalence of form with it.

What should we do in order to attain equivalence of form with the Light? The Light bestows, how can I bestow? If I tighten the connection with the friends, annul my ego a bit in order to connect with them, try to be a bit closer to them through different actions, events, and by dissemination, I become a bit more similar to the Light. To the extent that I get closer to it, I am rewarded by it influencing me more.

The Light is fixed in its bestowal, but by my actions I draw myself closer to it and become more like it. Thus, I am rewarded with the influence of the Light, and as a result my vessel becomes the one that bestows.

According to my internal change, when I become the one who bestows in my desires and my attributes, I begin to discover the changes that occur in me. Suddenly I discover such desires and thoughts (in the heart and mind) that are totally different from the ones I had before. Thus I feel more and more changes inside me until I acquire a new state in which I feel: “That’s it, I’ve changed!” This change reveals a new collection of attributes, desires, and thoughts in me that is called a Partzuf, man (Adam), or the Creator, which are all the same.

Since according to this new structure, the sum of the attributes, desires, and thoughts in me, I discover a new internal figure, which is a “human,” and in it, I discover its root, the reason that gave it birth, which is the Creator. Thus we discover our spiritual development.

Let’s hope that by our yearning for the level of Adam, which means that in return for the annulment of our ego, the connection with others and with the whole world, and the study of The Zohar, we will enjoy the Light that Reforms and will receive the form of a “human.”
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/15/12, The Zohar

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