Roundtable: A Tool For Integration

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to organize serious roundtables where our teachers, students, and scientists would participate in preparing our experts?

Answer: Try whatever you can. A roundtable is a tool for an action of mutual integration. Around the roundtable, you create a new integral force that no one has had before and which isn’t just the sum of all the desires and thoughts of the participants, but a much higher force.

They don’t just converse and reach some collective conclusions. They also annul themselves emotionally in order to connect with others, in order to create a unique integral person, to create a new personality. The emotion that is created among them is a totally new tool for solving all the problems, questions, and fantasies, for everything.

You can take this new integral tool everywhere, and you will solve any questions correctly since the world is integral, and by that, you are putting yourself in a balanced state with nature. People who have joined in this constantly yearn for it. They feel that there is a special inspiration here, an elevation; it is the next level of our development where you can actually detach yourself from your body and feel that you exist not in the detachment, but in much more sublime mind and feelings than when you were on your own.

So, bring more people along. They instinctively will yearn for such groups, for such opportunities. I believe that roundtables can be broadcasted through TV channels and different virtual channels. We simply must cultivate them.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/22/12

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