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A Black And White Movie With A Happy Ending

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is written, “There is none else besides Him,” meaning that there is no other force operating in the world besides the Creator. But in this case, where will a person get the forces to work? And in general, how can he make any independent action, even the smallest one, whether mechanical, material, or spiritual, in desire or in thought?

After all, there exists just one single source of energy on which everything runs, like the Sun that gives life to the entire Earth. One force gives energy to everything, to all parts of nature and in every form, material and spiritual. All positive and seemingly negative things come from one source.

It turns out that the laziness that bears down on a person, and all of the obstacles obstructing his advancement toward revealing the Creator also come from one upper force. And a person is in the middle and has to decide how to accept this upper governance, meaning how to relate to the forces influencing his desire.

The entire universe is the desire of a person who feels that there is him and that around him there are the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, and people. But all of this, both the internal and the external, appears within his desire and comes from one upper force.

All he needs is to attach all of these forms, this entire picture to one source. And while trying to do so, a person begins to see one guiding hand in the entire process, in all of the occurrences that happen to him. In them he sees the expression of one upper governance of the Creator, who is the only thing that exists.

The Creator arranges things so we feel this single governance in the form of a multitude of forces that fight with one another, positive and negative forces that eventually unite in the middle line and facilitate the revelation of this single upper force to man.

By revealing this one force, a person begins to recognize the general program – the system of creation. And his desire, in which this reality is revealed, becomes ordered into the system of worlds. But when he properly arranges the picture of perception of reality and through his efforts relates it to one force, then suddenly, an occurrence takes place that destroys all fruits of his work.

Then he must once again work with new informational data (Reshimot) that awaken in him and must relate everything to one force, which is good and does good. Thus, by virtue of the Reshimot’s revelation from the Creator’s end and efforts from man’s end, the two work as partners. The Creator continually presents new conditions to a person, while a person has to use them to gather together this mosaic where just one force will operate and surround him.

It will confuse him, becoming revealed and then concealed again and again. And it turns out that on his end, a person constantly adds what is missing in the general picture, in this mosaic, in order to reveal the image of the Creator in it.

Every piece, every Reshimo, every state and situation helps a person to discover that everything comes from one upper force, and the forces of good and evil act together here to let him grab hold of the picture that is built out of black and white fragments. But he has to start paying attention not to the black and white, but just to his belonging to a single source from which these two forces come.

That is how he will reveal the upper governance. His objective is only to make efforts to reveal the Creator as the cause of everything happening inside of him and in the reality he perceives, in the process that he undergoes by virtue of all of these experiences.
From the 1st pat of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/12, Shamati

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History Of The World: The Path To Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)” is the most important article of all articles written by Baal HaSulam because it talks about the principles, the roots, of our work. It explains why people of Israel were created both in history and in the overall process of development, why a transition link is important to transfer the method of correction from the Creator to the creatures, and why this methodology should come through a special group that separated from the rest of mankind in ancient Babylon in the times of destruction, which it symbolizes.

It was from there that a group that, after a long time required for preparation of humanity and themselves, passes the method of correction to the whole world. Baal HaSulam also explains the relationships of this group with the world and what processes both sides should go through, and that, in essence, is all our history.

And the main thing in this history is the current situation. We have reached the so-called beginning of the final stage and must now implement the method of correction. Besides, it is not enough to implement the method on us by overcoming rejection, rising above our egoism, uniting among ourselves, and revealing the Light of the Creator in this unity.

It is also necessary to bring Light to all nations of the world, by that we realize the methodology. We must bring people to the level of which it is told: “For they shall all know me from the smallest to the greatest.” And then everyone will reveal and know the Creator, each according to his vessels, desires. And by uniting and revealing a single Light together, the Creator will become revealed in the common vessel.

This is what the article “The Arvut” tells us. Different vectors can be drawn out of it to understand responsibilities put onto us that are mirrored in history, education, culture, and world events. Hence, it becomes clear why the world should have to go through all sorts of epochs and processes, striving for freedom, wealth, power, fame, and science. We understand why, as the result of this egoistic development, the world should plunge into a crisis, what is happening today, and what still has to be revealed before the world realizes the need of a fundamental, not just an external, correction.

After all, it is not about the natural environment and external systems that bring order, but in ourselves, among us, in relationships among us that we must adopt a new system connecting people. And in order to do that, we need to change our natures. Egoists can no longer give us a solution to the current situation. It will change only if we change ourselves. Then we will transform our network of relationships—and thereby change the world.

All of this together is a consequence of the foundation described by Baal HaSulam in the article “The Arvut.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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Escaping The Foolish King

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I already feel the importance of the Creator, what should I do in order to connect with Him?

Answer: There is a constant struggle in us over who will control: the Creator or Pharaoh, our ego. But if a person already feels the importance of the Creator, there are no doubts. He will do whatever he can in order to constantly reinforce this feeling of importance. Then his desire will focus on the Creator’s work by being free of worrying about himself.

If I think that bestowal is important, I immediately think of different ways to work in order to bestow and have no questions about what I should do. The feeling of importance opens up all the roads and all the means for me.

Before that, the desire to receive held me chained, and I worked only for it. If I discover the importance of the Creator instead of the importance of my ego, I can already work for Him.

Everything is determined by a person’s desire, which is the matter of creation. This desire can work only for what it sees as important. So all our work is to clarify what the most important thing for us is: either an old foolish king under whose domination we were born, or a poor clever child, which means the desire to bestow and the feeling of the Creator’s greatness, which we can develop inside us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/01/12, Writings of Rabash

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Europe In Crisis Wants To Engage Elders

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from the European Commission): “The European Commission has proposed that 2012 be designated as the ‘European Year for Active Ageing.’

“The initiative aims to help create better job opportunities and working conditions for the growing numbers of older people in Europe, help them take an active role in society and encourage healthy ageing. …

“The EU is in a process of significant population ageing. From 2012, the European working-age population will start to shrink, while the over-60 population will continue to increase by about two million people a year. The strongest pressure is expected to occur during the period 2015-35 when the so-called baby-boom generation will enter retirement. …

“Active ageing includes creating more opportunities for older people to continue working, to stay healthy longer and to continue to contribute to society in other ways, for example through volunteering needs to be supported by a wide range of policies at all levels of governance.”

“The financial crisis has intensified what has long been a simmering problem; what to do about ageing populations with ever fewer workers supporting ever more pensioners, living longer?

“Trying to defuse the demographic timebomb and cut budgets to avert a financial meltdown, governments are further raising the retirement age and reining in benefits. …

“As unions threaten more strikes in the New Year the showdown over pensions is not likely to go away any time soon.” (Source: Euronews)

My Comment: Here, instead of explaining in the process of integral education and upbringing when the same retired and unemployed people could become conscious participants in what is happening now—the process of transformation from an individual egoistic society into an integral society when a person himself changes—the change comes from above, which triggers protest.

Integral education encourages understanding of what is happening now as a natural process of human development, which aims to change today’s humanity as a society of individualists to a society of mutual responsibility and care. Integral education and upbringing of the masses is intended to begin this change consciously (easily, quickly, gently).

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The Housing Downturn Is A Prelude To The Real Crash

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Peter Schiff, CEO & Chief Global Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital): “I first came to national attention back in 2008 and 2009 when the housing and credit markets imploded. I became known as the guy that other market “experts” laughed at when I warned of trouble brewing in the seemingly indestructible American economy. After the wheels ground to a halt in mid-2008, people noticed that my book Crash Proof, originally released in early 2007, read like a detailed preview of many of the events that eventually unfolded. …

“However, they mistakenly assumed that the crash I was warning about was solely a housing led credit bubble. While that was part of it, I never saw it ending there. The crash that most concerned me was the one that would result from the government’s response to the initial crisis. My concern was not that our economy would succumb to the disease that I had diagnosed, but instead would be taken down by the ‘cure’ that the government unleashed to combat it.

“When the government’s delaying tactic, which involves continuous borrowing and money printing is no longer tenable, the dollar could collapse, interest rates and consumer prices could soar and the U.S. economy could implode. That’s the real crash that I was warning about, and the one we all need to be worried about now. …

“When looking back from a point in the future, I believe that the years immediately after the credit collapse of 2008 will stand out as a period of dangerous economic negligence. We have bought ourselves some time by sweeping enormous problems under the rug. Through a combination of political cowardice, economic ignorance, and false confidence, we are digging ourselves into a hole so deep that it may take generations to crawl out. …

“Immediately prior to the crash, the United States economy was experiencing unprecedented consumer debt levels, persistently high trade deficits, historically large government budget deficits, high-energy prices, and a moribund manufacturing sector. Four years later, all of these problems have gotten worse. And unlike four years ago, we are now saddled with the highest unemployment rate in generations and levels of public debt that would have been unimaginable then. Yes we are no longer technically in recession. But I believe that is just an illusion created by perhaps the cheapest, and most obvious, trick ever devised. …

“I felt certain before writing Crash Proof that the government would never let the economy contract far enough to restore balance and sustainability. I knew the spending and deficits would head off the charts. I thought those realities would push down the dollar and cause foreign creditors to shun American government debt. However, I did not factor in the reprieve we have gotten from the false perception that Europe is in even worse shape than we.

“As the curtain eventually falls on the drama unfolding in Europe, the world will refocus its attention on the more spectacular events in the U.S. The sovereign debt crisis that is now playing out in Europe will cross the Atlantic, and when it opens here The Real Crash may indeed finally begin. The average American will have a front row seat but will hardly enjoy the show.”

My Comment: This time is given to us to organize worldwide centers of integral education and upbringing, to prepare specialists (lecturers, course teachers, tutors, and organizers) to carry out explanatory work. And then we will meet with a distraught society, next to the shattered economy, family, education, and other “achievements” of humanity.

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The Holistic Approach

Dr. Michael LaitmanPolitics, finances, culture, science and actually everything today is only built on communication, on mutual connection, while a person is not internally matched to these systems. It follows that all of our systems have reached this kind of state, but a person hasn’t and so it is very difficult. We are not able to manage anything correctly. So our economy, arts, science, childrearing, and the rest of our systems are in crisis. In principle, they aspire to be integrally connected, but the person who manages them, is not yet that way. So what can be done with him?

Human ego remains individualistic. We see how a person wants to withdraw, detach himself, be alone, and hide from others. He needs a separate apartment. He is, as if, ready to become connected to others, but only by phone and computer as if they guard his individualism, his immunity. And we don’t need to destroy this, but to at least adjust to those systems in which we already exist.

Nature itself is global and finds itself in complete mutual dependency in all its parts. We created our sciences, and assume physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology are separate investigations of nature; this doesn’t exist in nature. It is unified and everything in it is mutually connected. This means that the approach needs to be general and holistic, but it isn’t.

An identical, general approach needs to be taken for all of common global existence, but it doesn’t exist. Man doesn’t adjust himself to the world he lives in, while from the side of nature, those same systems suddenly changed themselves, without any connection to us, to be integral. Evolution brought us to this state.

We can’t continue to exist in this way; the crisis will continue. Its goal is to invite the need for change within a person.

And a person needs to independently and consciously go through all of these changes. He needs to bring himself to the form of being integral, to be compatible with all the systems: social, political, financial, cultural, etc., and to nature as well.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/20/12

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Integral Knowledge For The Masses!

Dr. Michael LaitmanHow can you change a person? How can you make his recognition, his understanding, his perception of the world, and his attitude to the world as general and holistic as all the systems?

Only then will we be able to operate together in the right way and to exist harmoniously inside it. Only then can we hope that our advancement is possible one way or the other and that it will continue. It will not be accompanied with a crisis anymore, but will develop in the right direction for humanity. This is why the question about new education and about the changing of man comes up.

First people must be educated integrally, which means providing the necessary amount of essential information and the explanation about the history of humanity and how it reached the current situation.

Then the education itself will be possible. Its goal will be to teach a person certain habits, to feel to what extent his connection with others is good and desired and brings about mutual understanding and the right decisions and a totally new feeling of the self, and to feel the society and nature in a new way. A person will begin to feel the general picture of the whole global integral system he is in.

So first and foremost, it is knowledge, education, and then upbringing. There will be a great demand for people who will bring the people this knowledge and who will actually start teaching it to humanity. So we have to start preparing them now. First they have to go through all these states by themselves, to receive systematic information, and then to feel all the changes that the integral education brings about on themselves.

After studying in courses, they will go through serious practical work on unity and feel for themselves the changes humanity has to go through. This will prepare them to convey this information and these methods to the world.

We have to implement this in all the countries and in every language. And what’s more, there should be a unique method for every group of people that takes into account their mentality, their language, and other factors—a different approach for different people.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/20/12

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A Constant Control

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are there any parameters that a city has succeeded in the integral education and upbringing, and a team of visiting specialists may have to leave it?

Answer: You cannot leave a city forever; this cannot even be considered. It’s like a psychologist who never leaves his patient because that is a system that regenerates, restores itself, grows, and various new problems appear in it. That’s life!

Therefore, we still need to keep in touch with the city through the remaining specialists out there. Today, with the help of Internet, you can see the whole city a thousand miles away through video cameras and track what is happening there; that’s not a problem. Of course, it is necessary to keep it under a constant control.

I think that after establishing a relative order in the city, its residents will be interested in keeping it the same way as any decline means a fall in incomes and living standards.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the nuances of supply management: how to provide for the residents. How do they get a normal, rational income that covers costs of living? It is not just giving out money—that’s wrong. Food deliveries must be carried out at regular intervals. In general, it is necessary to help people make their life as easy as possible and at the same time, prevent any problems with food stamps, money, and etc.
From KabTV’s “Experimental City: Upbringing” 3/3/12

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All Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At what age can a child participate in a workshop together with the grownups? Is it worthwhile to create separate circles for the children?

Answer: Men, women, and children can sit together in one space, but each in a separate circle. The children don’t need to make noise and disturb the others. It is worthwhile that there be an instructor with them. And it’s not important if you discuss workshop questions with the children or the grownups. The instructor will not lose anything if he sits between the children. Of course, the boys and girls need to sit in separate circles.

With respect to age, I think that it depends on the preparation of the child. We can sit our children in a circle for discussion at the age of 12 and maybe earlier with instructors. And from age 12 onward, it is possible to already have them sit without an instructor.

It is desirable that the boys be in the same space as the men, and will see how their discussion progresses and will imitate the grownups. For the women, like the men, it is the same. There needs to be discussion leaders for the circles and instructors for the girls.
From the Virtual Lesson 5/20/12, “Fundamentals of Kabbalah”

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