Integral Knowledge For The Masses!

Dr. Michael LaitmanHow can you change a person? How can you make his recognition, his understanding, his perception of the world, and his attitude to the world as general and holistic as all the systems?

Only then will we be able to operate together in the right way and to exist harmoniously inside it. Only then can we hope that our advancement is possible one way or the other and that it will continue. It will not be accompanied with a crisis anymore, but will develop in the right direction for humanity. This is why the question about new education and about the changing of man comes up.

First people must be educated integrally, which means providing the necessary amount of essential information and the explanation about the history of humanity and how it reached the current situation.

Then the education itself will be possible. Its goal will be to teach a person certain habits, to feel to what extent his connection with others is good and desired and brings about mutual understanding and the right decisions and a totally new feeling of the self, and to feel the society and nature in a new way. A person will begin to feel the general picture of the whole global integral system he is in.

So first and foremost, it is knowledge, education, and then upbringing. There will be a great demand for people who will bring the people this knowledge and who will actually start teaching it to humanity. So we have to start preparing them now. First they have to go through all these states by themselves, to receive systematic information, and then to feel all the changes that the integral education brings about on themselves.

After studying in courses, they will go through serious practical work on unity and feel for themselves the changes humanity has to go through. This will prepare them to convey this information and these methods to the world.

We have to implement this in all the countries and in every language. And what’s more, there should be a unique method for every group of people that takes into account their mentality, their language, and other factors—a different approach for different people.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/20/12

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