The Holistic Approach

Dr. Michael LaitmanPolitics, finances, culture, science and actually everything today is only built on communication, on mutual connection, while a person is not internally matched to these systems. It follows that all of our systems have reached this kind of state, but a person hasn’t and so it is very difficult. We are not able to manage anything correctly. So our economy, arts, science, childrearing, and the rest of our systems are in crisis. In principle, they aspire to be integrally connected, but the person who manages them, is not yet that way. So what can be done with him?

Human ego remains individualistic. We see how a person wants to withdraw, detach himself, be alone, and hide from others. He needs a separate apartment. He is, as if, ready to become connected to others, but only by phone and computer as if they guard his individualism, his immunity. And we don’t need to destroy this, but to at least adjust to those systems in which we already exist.

Nature itself is global and finds itself in complete mutual dependency in all its parts. We created our sciences, and assume physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology are separate investigations of nature; this doesn’t exist in nature. It is unified and everything in it is mutually connected. This means that the approach needs to be general and holistic, but it isn’t.

An identical, general approach needs to be taken for all of common global existence, but it doesn’t exist. Man doesn’t adjust himself to the world he lives in, while from the side of nature, those same systems suddenly changed themselves, without any connection to us, to be integral. Evolution brought us to this state.

We can’t continue to exist in this way; the crisis will continue. Its goal is to invite the need for change within a person.

And a person needs to independently and consciously go through all of these changes. He needs to bring himself to the form of being integral, to be compatible with all the systems: social, political, financial, cultural, etc., and to nature as well.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/20/12

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