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Lecture in Miami: “What Is The Key To A Healthier Society?”

Dr. Michael Laitman
My Public Lecture

“What Is the Key to a Healthier Society?”

will be held on June 21, 2012 at 6:30 PM in Miami
At the Teatro Abanico, 3138 Commodore Plaza. Miami, Florida 33133

Admission is free

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A Light Feather That Weighs A Hundred Tons

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of exertion is the means for spiritual advancement, and can I help a friend exert himself or do I steal his work from him by that?

Answer: Exertion is whatever is above my human abilities. I cannot help another and complete his work, but I can set an example for him so that it will be easier for him to exert himself.

So I don’t steal his work, but rather help him. The more we help one another by setting an example so that it will be easier for a friend to exert himself even more, the more efficiently we will advance.

With this, we exchange the corporeal exertion with a spiritual exertion! Then the corporeal work seems very difficult and the spiritual work seems very easy because you add the force of the group to it. The result is that you have to move a load of a hundred tons and you move it, but you have the aid of a million people pushing the load with you.

You don’t have to feel the weight of the load that is 100 tons. These 100 tons are necessary only so that through them you will attain connection with a million people.

Therefore, there is no need for senseless sufferings; all we have to do is to understand why we suffer.

If you feel difficulty, pain, rejection, and sorrow in a certain place, it means that it isn’t the right exertion. As it says: “Thou hast not called upon Me, O Jacob.” If with great effort and sweat you carry the load that was given to you by the Creator, it means that you are not exerting yourself correctly, and this burden belongs to someone else and not the Creator.

The pleasure from work is knowing for Whom we are exerting ourselves.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/15/12, Shamati #117

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Preparing High Level Experts

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe training course for integral education teachers and educators should include, among others: the formation of the integral force as a new and unprecedented component.

If a football team, for example, gets together, it is simply the sum of all their efforts.

But here, since every individual annuls himself before the others, thereby raising all the others and wanting to be equal to them, to attain the common field, the agreement among everyone, we begin to feel that a new force is born among us: a new collective desire and a new mind. It is as if a new collective person is born (let’s call him Adam) who is created between us. And we live our collective life, in collective desires, in collective attributes, and in collective thoughts.

This must be included in the training for teachers and educators, they must know about this. All the others will feel it instinctively; they will have the feeling that they somehow know it.

Question: Should professionals teach these courses?

Answer: I think that we should invite scientists that will add to the material that we teach or we should use films that present their ideas. This illustrative material will give the students the opportunity to, first, be sure that they are not being taught fragmented and partial material and, in addition, to understand the issues more deeply, to learn to answer questions, and to be more knowledgeable. On the whole, these are the same topics of the integral method but a bit deeper.

Actually the method is very simple. The only thing we need to attain here is integrality, to feel the new integral force.

By the way, this force appears in every integral system, both in a mechanical system and in our bodies. This is because the body constantly monitors the balance of the bodily systems.

The same thing happens in a group when people attain integrality; they begin to reach such a self-sustaining internal balance, which leads to absolute wellbeing and comfort. They don’t want to leave this since it is a good feeling. Through these comfortable states, through the new collective desire and new mind, suddenly most of the problems are solved and most of them simply disappear since the system changes from digital (operating on pulses) to integral, to a round, harmonious, analog system.

The main thing is to explain to people, after several “round” workshops, that they should perceive what is created among them and relate with greater sensitivity to the this new force by which they will solve all their problems and will begin to rise above themselves, above the ego. This force will create a society that is on a higher level than the old one.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/22/12

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A Unique Perception

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are professional organizations that employ people with a very unique way of thinking. These people deal with computer technologies, or they may be artists, etc. Should we have special courses of integral education especially for such people?

Answer: I believe that this is necessary, since artists are very creative. Musicians, orchestra conductors, directors, painters, dancers, and so on, all have a unique perception of the world, of themselves, and of their place in the world. It is of course much harder to work with them than with other people, just as it is hard to work with businessmen and managers who also have a very unique perception of the world, seeing it through a very narrow and special prism.

I believe that we have to form groups according to the people’s inclination and their unique perception of the world.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/22/12

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An Embryo: A Stranger Or One’s Own, From The Earth Or From Above?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from New Scientist): “It is one of the greatest mysteries of pregnancy: how a fetus avoids being attacked by its mother’s immune system. …

“The mammalian body usually responds to foreign cells or tissue by releasing chemicals that promote inflammation and summon immune cells called T-cells to destroy the invaders. But during pregnancy, something turns off this process. This means that despite containing genetic material from the father, the embryo can implant in its mother’s uterus and grow there safely without triggering an immune response. …

“Erlebacher’s team [Adrian Erlebacher at the New York University School of Medicine and his colleagues] found that cells of the decidua, the lining of the uterus where the embryo implants, did not produce the usual chemical signals that would trigger inflammation and summon T-cells to the site. Closer inspection of these decidual cells revealed changes to the structure of DNA around the genes that usually produce these chemical beacons, resulting in them being silenced. …

My Comment: Turning off the synthesis of the foreign body signaling protein occurs under the influence of “unnatural” forces of love and bestowal arising in the egoistic body relative to its progeny that develops in it. This is due to the penetration of the upper Light in the desire that It created in the first stage of the four stages of expansion of the Light. And the Light in the desire gives the desire Its property—to create, which is similar to the process of reproduction—gestation and birth.

The process of conception, birth, breastfeeding, and upbringing is similar to the act of creation of the Creator. It occurs in stage 2, Bina that wants to be like stage 0, Keter. Thus, on the instinctive level of the desire (0 – 1 – 2 – 3), the creature, which is forced by the desire, becomes similar to the Creator. And on the fourth stage of its development, it forces itself to become like the Creator consciously, in attaining His attitude toward the creatures and in comparing oneself to Him, in the process of its correction; that is, spiritual reproduction, development of the soul: its conception, prenatal development, birth, breastfeeding, and growing up, up to the full equivalence with the Creator.

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Italy Is On The Edge Of A Precipice

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Mario Monti, Prime Minister of Italy): “‘We stepped away from the precipice before, with the contribution of the political forces and sacrifices of the Italian people – but the hole is growing bigger and it may swallow us up. We are again in a crisis.’”

My Comment: From the edge of a precipice, you can fall down, but  you can fly.

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A Test For Selflessness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is love of the Creator?

Answer: Love is an opportunity to fill someone else’s deficiency (vessel) using my own vessels. In our world we love because it gives us pleasure: delicious and familiar food, people that please us, my children to whom I am naturally attached. We call this love.

But spiritual love is not when I fill my vessels by someone or something, but when I fill the vessels of others. This is the exact opposite of what we are used to thinking about the concept of love. The spiritual world is opposite from the corporeal world. If I worry about someone else’s vessels and want to fill them the way he wants them filled, it means that I love that person.

As long as we love each other and everything is fine, we make a covenant with the Creator in order to sustain this relationship, even if everything changes because of different external reasons. No matter what happens—I want to keep the same force of love and connection between us.

The question is how can this be done if I suddenly discover that the Creator is responsible for all my troubles? My faithful and beloved partner suddenly stops looking at me and causes me all kinds of troubles and problems. He betrays me in every way and does everything against me and becomes my chief enemy. So how can I maintain the good attitude towards Him under such conditions?

But the adhesion to the Creator means that I have gone through different states and have reached a state in which I receive nothing from Him, nothing but the feeling of darkness. But above all that I build a relationship of love, bestowal, and connection despite the problems and the sufferings that He causes my ego. In such a case it can be called adhesion.

The vessels in which I attain adhesion have to be restricted and concealed. Above them there is my Masach (screen) and Returning Light, and there is adhesion in the vessels of bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/17/12, Shamati #76

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A Covenant In The Returning Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we make a covenant among friends?

Answer: A covenant among friends is possible only if there is an upper party ensuring its preservation. A covenant can be kept only when we all connect with the upper force, which provides the union.

There is no chance that we will be able to keep this covenant by ourselves, but if we connect, we can demand this from the Creator—if we do it for Him.

The result is that “Israel,” the people who yearn for the Creator, the Light that Reforms, the Torah, and the Creator are joined together, and then the Creator keeps the covenant according to our request.

When darkness, separation, and conflicts come, this covenant is revealed and exists among us. But as long as everything is fine, it is impossible to test it. The test is only when we feel bad.

When we feel good, we don’t need any covenant; as long as there is the Light, it connects all the parts. The difficult part is to do so when the Light disappears, to keep these parts together then. This is called a covenant.

But how can you draw the Light in a time of darkness? It is impossible. But we want to reach a state in which even when we don’t feel the Light in our receiving vessels, we will feel the Light in our Masach (screen) and the Returning Light—a fulfillment in the vessels of bestowal instead of an egoistic fulfillment.

Today, I am a loyal slave of my desire to receive, and I want to serve in order to fill someone else in the same way. This will be a pleasure for me. This means that I want to make a covenant.

The covenant is tested only in the dark, when I get no fulfillment but I still want to keep the same good relations that I had before. Instead of my egoistic pleasure, I want to restrict my ego: a Masach and the Returning Light.

This is called a covenant; it is a state in which I don’t work for myself anymore but rather in order to bestow. This means that I keep the same attitude not only when I feel good, but when I feel bad too. When the good state returns, I don’t want to be confused and be enslaved by the desire to receive over and over again, and so I make a covenant for that purpose.

I want to feel pleasure in the vessels of bestowal; I want to restrict my desire to receive and work with the pleasure by building a Masach (screen) and the Returning Light above this restriction. I turn to the friend with this Returning Light and connect with him. This is called a covenant.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/17/12, Shamati #76

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Difficulties In Perceiving Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should we include the issue of the perception of reality in the basic course of integral education?

Answer: I wouldn’t teach this topic in the first course because it is a very complex issue. It should be taught very carefully, so that it wouldn’t seem like mysticism, new age or like all the other philosophies, or like some sublime ideas.

The material in teaching the perception of reality should be based on serious scientific research, that show that first and foremost, it is science, it is physics, and that it stems from studying this world and not from some ancient sources and made-up conclusions. This means that we are not talking about something that simply seems that way to us, but that is based on scientific data. Then we can already put together a certain picture of our world perception, of our feelings, our impressions, the processing of this internal information, how we communicate with the world, what the mechanism called “I am—a man” means, and what I do see.

I repeat, not every person can perceive this correctly. I fear that this issue may turn into an obstacle and that it may evoke rejection or may lead to numbness, as a result of which a person will detach himself and afterward will not perceive or understand you any more because you would not be speaking on the same level from which you spoke about the explanations of the problems in life that were presented coherently. In this case, it is impossible to bring the explanation down to the level of a person’s ordinary perception.

This issue should be part of the teachers’ training and then again not in the sense that they should teach this material, but only for their general development.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/22/12

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