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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe training course for integral education teachers and educators should include, among others: the formation of the integral force as a new and unprecedented component.

If a football team, for example, gets together, it is simply the sum of all their efforts.

But here, since every individual annuls himself before the others, thereby raising all the others and wanting to be equal to them, to attain the common field, the agreement among everyone, we begin to feel that a new force is born among us: a new collective desire and a new mind. It is as if a new collective person is born (let’s call him Adam) who is created between us. And we live our collective life, in collective desires, in collective attributes, and in collective thoughts.

This must be included in the training for teachers and educators, they must know about this. All the others will feel it instinctively; they will have the feeling that they somehow know it.

Question: Should professionals teach these courses?

Answer: I think that we should invite scientists that will add to the material that we teach or we should use films that present their ideas. This illustrative material will give the students the opportunity to, first, be sure that they are not being taught fragmented and partial material and, in addition, to understand the issues more deeply, to learn to answer questions, and to be more knowledgeable. On the whole, these are the same topics of the integral method but a bit deeper.

Actually the method is very simple. The only thing we need to attain here is integrality, to feel the new integral force.

By the way, this force appears in every integral system, both in a mechanical system and in our bodies. This is because the body constantly monitors the balance of the bodily systems.

The same thing happens in a group when people attain integrality; they begin to reach such a self-sustaining internal balance, which leads to absolute wellbeing and comfort. They don’t want to leave this since it is a good feeling. Through these comfortable states, through the new collective desire and new mind, suddenly most of the problems are solved and most of them simply disappear since the system changes from digital (operating on pulses) to integral, to a round, harmonious, analog system.

The main thing is to explain to people, after several “round” workshops, that they should perceive what is created among them and relate with greater sensitivity to the this new force by which they will solve all their problems and will begin to rise above themselves, above the ego. This force will create a society that is on a higher level than the old one.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/22/12

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