A Black And White Movie With A Happy Ending

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is written, “There is none else besides Him,” meaning that there is no other force operating in the world besides the Creator. But in this case, where will a person get the forces to work? And in general, how can he make any independent action, even the smallest one, whether mechanical, material, or spiritual, in desire or in thought?

After all, there exists just one single source of energy on which everything runs, like the Sun that gives life to the entire Earth. One force gives energy to everything, to all parts of nature and in every form, material and spiritual. All positive and seemingly negative things come from one source.

It turns out that the laziness that bears down on a person, and all of the obstacles obstructing his advancement toward revealing the Creator also come from one upper force. And a person is in the middle and has to decide how to accept this upper governance, meaning how to relate to the forces influencing his desire.

The entire universe is the desire of a person who feels that there is him and that around him there are the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, and people. But all of this, both the internal and the external, appears within his desire and comes from one upper force.

All he needs is to attach all of these forms, this entire picture to one source. And while trying to do so, a person begins to see one guiding hand in the entire process, in all of the occurrences that happen to him. In them he sees the expression of one upper governance of the Creator, who is the only thing that exists.

The Creator arranges things so we feel this single governance in the form of a multitude of forces that fight with one another, positive and negative forces that eventually unite in the middle line and facilitate the revelation of this single upper force to man.

By revealing this one force, a person begins to recognize the general program – the system of creation. And his desire, in which this reality is revealed, becomes ordered into the system of worlds. But when he properly arranges the picture of perception of reality and through his efforts relates it to one force, then suddenly, an occurrence takes place that destroys all fruits of his work.

Then he must once again work with new informational data (Reshimot) that awaken in him and must relate everything to one force, which is good and does good. Thus, by virtue of the Reshimot’s revelation from the Creator’s end and efforts from man’s end, the two work as partners. The Creator continually presents new conditions to a person, while a person has to use them to gather together this mosaic where just one force will operate and surround him.

It will confuse him, becoming revealed and then concealed again and again. And it turns out that on his end, a person constantly adds what is missing in the general picture, in this mosaic, in order to reveal the image of the Creator in it.

Every piece, every Reshimo, every state and situation helps a person to discover that everything comes from one upper force, and the forces of good and evil act together here to let him grab hold of the picture that is built out of black and white fragments. But he has to start paying attention not to the black and white, but just to his belonging to a single source from which these two forces come.

That is how he will reveal the upper governance. His objective is only to make efforts to reveal the Creator as the cause of everything happening inside of him and in the reality he perceives, in the process that he undergoes by virtue of all of these experiences.
From the 1st pat of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/12, Shamati

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