The World Awaits New Ideas

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Mikhail Khazin): “Almost at the same time, economic growth stopped all over the world. … And the consequences of this condition surfaced.

– The world’s financial elite, which determines all the rules of the global economy, broke up into several groups (after the Strauss-Kahn case in the summer of 2011);

– Since there is not enough money, the policy of withholding money is revived;

– As the liberal idea discredited itself, the alternative options (communism, fascism, militant Islam) are coming back into politics.

“In this situation, only an ideological line can be offered, and we need to prepare for the emergence of new ideas.”

My Comment: Mikhail Khazin recently visited me, and during a few meetings we were discussing the possibility of revealing integral education to the world. I trust his sense as a forecaster and that the time of disclosing of our method of correction will come soon.

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