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In Spite Of The Faces Enter The Hearts

Dr. Michael LaitmanCommunication in cyberspace is not full communication. This may be how our world still retains its balance; as for myself I would not describe it as possible to truly unite virtually.

To learn, yes, to finish the college courses and the rest of the possible virtual integral courses. But truly to unite? In spite of it all you need to see your friends. I don’t know what the future will be, but it seems to me that you cannot avoid this. There may not be any other solution.

We find ourselves in the physical world precisely to see faces in front of us and in spite of the faces, to enter the hearts, so to speak.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 6

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You Are Not Alone

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At a convention a sensation is created that cannot be described, a sensation of a single family. But many individuals are present here. Tomorrow they will disperse and will again find themselves under the influence of the external world. What must they do in order to maintain an intention all the time, at least until the convention in St. Petersburg?

Answer: This depends on all of you and not on them, a person cannot fight alone. A person cannot hold himself in the right state for a long time without the friends and the right environment; this is very difficult. We give all due respect to those individuals who can hold their position in conditions like this, without the friends, but in general, this is very complicated! In every place where you live, you must find at least one other person or a number of people, and at least on weekends and during vacations meet with them for a few hours. This will be a spiritual outlet for them. And for the rest of the days connect with them by Skype or in some other form.

You need to be concerned about the individuals, to prepare a schedule for when you will connect with them, speak with them, bring them into some kind of work, give them little chores, processing materials, and the like. You need to include them in the collective gatherings of friends so they can participate in them virtually. This is to say they must be considered friends of your group.

If for a long time they haven’t succeeded in finding partners for themselves and are removed from the collective stream, then it is necessary to try as much as possible to move them as close you as you can, and to find work for them, to help. If this is a serious friend who proves that he is adherent to the goal and he needs you, then it is necessary to do this.

But it is quite possible that if you delve into your memory, then through their friends or by sending through the Internet (not sophisticated Kabbalah, but correct) you will find friends for them in those cities where they live. It is necessary to try to do this so that around each one of our isolated friends, wherever they may be, you will organize a group. But if this kind of possibility doesn’t exist, you must help them move closer to you.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 6

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Two Weeks Are Left To Prepare

Dr. Michael LaitmanNothing can be achieved without effort. Until we finish our work, we will not finish forming our vessel and therefore will not be able to reveal the final state. Our states are programmed from above so that is why Kabbalists could tell in advance when it should happen to us.

They have asked us to perform actions with “the acceleration of time,” as Baal HaSulam called for in the1920s. But people did not want to listen to him and therefore they went through the path of suffering: through the Holocaust of world’s Jews and all the problems of the wars that accompanied the establishment of the State of Israel. Imagine, how much suffering could have been avoided if they had listened to his warning and had begun to build the state of Israel 30-40 years earlier, avoiding the Holocaust and all its implications, and had built on the principles described in his article “The Last Generation.”

We have to do this today, after we have gone through the path of suffering, of natural development. This is a good example of what we could have done and how as a result we went through this state, surviving the crisis, the difficulties, the Holocaust, the terrible suffering to come to the state where we are today. This is called neglecting preparation!

Today, we are once again given the opportunity: after the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah, the establishment of the world Kabbalah group, and the revelation of the method. Once again, we are in the preprogrammed state that has a schedule according to which it will develop naturally (Beito). Or in every square of this schedule, at every stage, at each step, to which we have to rise, we act with the help of the Light (Ahishena). If not, then we will have to go through the same stage by the path of suffering. It all depends on our preparation.

That is why you need to take it seriously in anticipation of this large convention that will take place in St Petersburg in July 2013. We can be very well prepared for it. We already have examples of the states to which we have to come, the experience of physical activities to which we have to add only intention: What do we do this for, what we want? This is what we need to clarify.

There is still plenty of time ahead: We have two weeks and we must apply efforts. Because our state depends on it, on whether we will go through the path of suffering or the Light. And besides, you finally need to switch from calculations for yourselves, your suffering or pleasure, to the thoughts about the Creator and to evaluate relative to Him, whether we bring Him joy or we do not care.

I hope that everyone will ask himself how he participates in the preparation. It does not matter where you will be physically during the convention physically—most important is how you will prepare yourselves to become connected with everyone in collective unity, without any difference or distance, eliminating any external influence. According to this, you will be awarded advancement or even revelation.
From the Talk About the Preparation for the Convention in St. Petersburg 6/26/13

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Don’t Do Any Work That Isn’t Yours!

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur entire way of preparation consists of: on every level, every step, everything is determined only by all the preparations. Why is preparation so important and not the action itself? The point is that the action is performed by the Light that Reforms, but the preparation for it, in order to spur the Light to perform this action, is a person’s job.

According to this principle, every level is divided into two parts. The first part is the preparation, the agreement, the self submission of a person who must totally accept the action of the Light, which is expressed in his deficiency, in his prayer, in raising MAN. If the desire, the prayer, which means his preparation, are right in their quantity and quality and they match the change he has to go through, he thus creates the opportunity and the place for the Light to operate. Then the Light comes and performs such changes and corrections in a person that afterward can dwell in him.

When the action is completed, a person is given the opportunity to do the first part of the work that he has to do again: submission, self annulment, accepting the yoke of Heaven, wanting the Creator to perform the next action on him. When he completes the preparation, which means that he attains a sufficient deficiency that is correct and whole that the upper Light should perform the action, the Light performs the action. This means that a person rises to the next level.

Thus he advances step by step. Everything depends on a person’s preparation since the upper Light is always ready to do its work. The Light is in absolute rest and its only goal is to bring a person to adhesion with the Creator.

So we have to make sure that we do what is up to us and that we prepare ourselves in the fastest and most efficient way, not thinking about how we should correct ourselves. The correction is the Light’s work, and we don’t even know what it has to do. Our job is only to clarify what we have to do in order to prepare our deficiency.

This preparation is also divided into several parts: the preparation, self annulment, the recognition of the greatness of the Light that Reforms, and the recognition of the greatness of the next state to which the Light brings us. We can imagine all this by our environment and the exercises we do in it by working on the connection between us and by using all the means we were given.

All the means that we were given actually belong to the preparation, which means to the work we have to do. If we feel that we don’t have the vessels, the powers, the strength, it is because we try to do what is not our work but rather the Light’s, the actual correction. So it is indeed not in our hands and not in our powers to do it.

But if we focus on what we should do on every level, which means the preparation for the demand, for the request for the action of the Light, then we have all the necessary means to do so.
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/24/13

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The Deadly Symptom Of Capitalism

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Valentin Y. Katasonov, economist, Professor of Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Chairman of the Russian Economic Society): “I see in the plans of Europe’s transition to a negative interest the signs of overhaul of the entire banking system of usury capitalism.

“Negative interest rates on bank deposits is the evidence of the halt of the economy, which has ceased to grow, without getting any credit support by banks and diversion of money from the real economy to the financial markets. Banks are parasitized by the wealth accumulated by humankind and through the real sector of economy. …

“Today, the parasite has exhausted almost all the juice out of its victim and is on the brink of life and death. The traditional (economic) methods of parasitism are ceasing to work. We are witnessing (and to some extent becoming the participants of) the transition of the world to another financial and economic model. So, much more serious events might follow after the introduction of negative interest. For example, there might be a decision adopted by bankers to “bring to zero” all the financial assets and liabilities on a global scale.

“In the new model, the role of money will decline sharply, and their functions will be different than they are now. There could be the establishment of a rigid dictatorship of world bankers, i.e. the use of direct violence with the aim of turning people into bankers’ slaves. It is obvious that in a slave society, the role of money is minimal; slaves do not need it, and bankers do not need much money to meet their personal needs. The “golden million” will be served by the “dirty billion.” Several billion people on the planet do not fit into the bankers’ plans (or rather, they fit into the plan for global genocide). …

“Civil conflicts (and even wars) will inevitably arise as a result of opposition to the dictatorship of the bankers. … First, we need to understand: the negative percent is a harbinger of major changes and upheavals in the world.”

My Comment: One thing is certain: We are witnessing the end of egoistic development of humanity and its transition to the new socio-economic system—the integral society of the “last generation.”

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To The Congress With A Brick In A Suitcase

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that great expectations for the conventions are not to be confused with the preparation for it. What is the difference between preparation and expectation?

Answer: Expectation means that I am sitting and waiting idly dreaming that the conventions will happen soon. It will be nice there, I will see my friends, we will dance and sing. I will visit a beautiful city where I have never been, etc. That is all expectations, dreams. I do not really invest my efforts in their realization, but just wait when the good time comes.

Preparation is when I understand that I have nothing to hope for, nothing to expect because there will be only what I prepare. Sabbath comes at the end of the week when all the work stops and as much you have prepared for this day, that much you will have. People save the most delicious things for Sabbath, they buy and save it especially for the Sabbath.

These are external symbols that indicate internal actions. We ourselves make a convention. At the convention, we want to reveal unity, connection, mutual guarantee, the intention of mutual bestowal that will connect all these forces together and tie us by a collective network in which we will begin to feel the general integral force. We will call it the upper force because it will be higher than us, but we build it ourselves.

The Creator (Bo-reh) means “come and see.” If we come, we will see! Now, in fact, we are building the convention. Otherwise, we will just have a festival in the material world and no more.

Every time, we approach a more internal state. We have little concern where this happens and how beautiful the place is; we increasingly concentrate internally on the inner content.

The main thing is not even the lessons. Of course when we listen to them together and get impressed we unite in one thought in one desire. This is necessary but the most important thing is to constantly prepare ourselves for the state that we have to create. Coming to the convention everyone has to bring his “brick” from which we will build a common vessel.

This brick has to be obtained in advance and be ready for connection. I already now aspire to this connection and imagine it.
From the Talk About the Preparation for the Convention in St. Petersburg 6/26/13

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Our New Home: Realities And Perspectives

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur “New Home” project was born of necessity. We didn’t even dream that we would be able to acquire such a gigantic building. But it turned out that this was possible thanks to the power and the readiness of our groups. It turned out that both among the women and among the men there were forces for collecting and helping, not only to collect the means but everything else as well.

We need to understand our intensity and greatness. Describe to yourselves how many friends we have throughout the world! If we want something, we can awaken a very great intense wave! Seemingly we feel ourselves to be powerless, exhausted, unable to function, and weak, but in fact there is no other organized ideological power like ours in the world.

Today everything is dwindling, extinguishing, and dissipating in the world due to lack of purpose, lack of hope, and lack of escape. Whereas we are the opposite, we are going and growing and our power is becoming revealed more and more. It must be used.

Now we will have a new center. We will be able to prepare serious projects, invite experts here from every area, prepare programs of dissemination and unity for children and adults. We will have the basis for all kinds of work, for every kind of communication and communications media.

Therefore I very much hope that within the next half year we will arrange everything and that by next spring our center will be working full force. There will be television studios and a multitude of different departments.

In the summertime we can have our kids with us to teach them the foundations of integral education, languages, and our general view of the world. The entire third floor will be devoted to dorms for men and for women. Therefore it will be possible to come here, dwell here, and have an internship with us. This place will truly become our shared home.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5

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Of, By, And For Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If there are fights in a group and differences of opinion are created that are not understood, do we not cause harm to the 99% of humanity through this?

Answer: Certainly! We are becoming the first part and the corrector of the collective soul. If the still level part, the level of the 99%, doesn’t participate in unity, this is considered to be normal, if they don’t constitute a disturbance for us.

The 99% of humanity doesn’t become the harmful part of humanity. However, to the degree that we don’t carry out our task and our mission, we do harm. This relates specifically to us. Therefore we need to hasten this as quickly as possible and be included in their correction. Through this we will correct ourselves.

As long as a person is not connected to the collective correction, it’s not considered that he is harming the collective system. You might dispute this and say: “What about the ecology and all the rest?” All that is ridiculous, all of this happens of, by, and for us.

Question: When we go out to the public we only think about them and not about unity in the group…

Answer: Unity in the group is necessary so that we can work with the masses in the right way. So in this case, preference is given to them and not to us.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5

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Good Preparation Is A Guarantee For Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “What is Torah and Work Along the Spiritual Path”: It turns out that a person must try to make great efforts before he begins to study so that the study will bear fruit and good results. This means that the study brings him the Light of the Torah by which he can reform.

We often read about the importance of the preparation. The preparation is a sign of the intention and the intention is the only lever we can operate in order to change our state by ourselves.

All of reality already has been prepared during the descent from the top down in one restriction after another. It is only by the right intention that we discover it. Thus, there are two ways we can choose. We can wait in the state we are until the sufferings increase and fill the measure, thus forcing us to think about some positive changes that are desirable in the eyes of the Creator. Then, we operate the right intention and accordingly receive the revelation. It is because matter itself doesn’t mean anything. After the first restriction it is only the intention that opens up the connection with the Creator for us.

On the other hand, we can spur upon ourselves the intention in every state we are in through the mutual connection between us when everyone is impressed by the others, when each one submits himself and is incorporated into the environment and develops it. When he is impressed by the environment, he draws upon himself the Light that Reforms that goes through him to all the others and from the others back to him.

Thus, a person establishes his intention which means the Masach (screen) and the Returning Light through which he is rewarded with the revelation of “I shall hasten it,” instead of “in its time,” which means by the path of suffering. It all depends on the right preparation for the revelation of the Creator.

The way of establishing the right intention by ourselves, by our preparation and self-awakening, is much shorter and more beneficial than just waiting under the blows when we don’t know where they come from and why, and which take us along a long and difficult path to the same end.

Eventually, we certainly will attain a change but it is better to reach it by the path of the Light by awakening ourselves. It is the shortest and best way, and is desirable in the eyes of the Creator. So, we must focus all our attention on the goal that depends only on our preparation through which we spur ourselves even from states where we don’t even see the beginning, just like King David who remembers only that he has made a covenant with the Creator, and this small sign of his most external connection with the Creator enables him to begin working.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/23/13

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