Our New Home: Realities And Perspectives

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur “New Home” project was born of necessity. We didn’t even dream that we would be able to acquire such a gigantic building. But it turned out that this was possible thanks to the power and the readiness of our groups. It turned out that both among the women and among the men there were forces for collecting and helping, not only to collect the means but everything else as well.

We need to understand our intensity and greatness. Describe to yourselves how many friends we have throughout the world! If we want something, we can awaken a very great intense wave! Seemingly we feel ourselves to be powerless, exhausted, unable to function, and weak, but in fact there is no other organized ideological power like ours in the world.

Today everything is dwindling, extinguishing, and dissipating in the world due to lack of purpose, lack of hope, and lack of escape. Whereas we are the opposite, we are going and growing and our power is becoming revealed more and more. It must be used.

Now we will have a new center. We will be able to prepare serious projects, invite experts here from every area, prepare programs of dissemination and unity for children and adults. We will have the basis for all kinds of work, for every kind of communication and communications media.

Therefore I very much hope that within the next half year we will arrange everything and that by next spring our center will be working full force. There will be television studios and a multitude of different departments.

In the summertime we can have our kids with us to teach them the foundations of integral education, languages, and our general view of the world. The entire third floor will be devoted to dorms for men and for women. Therefore it will be possible to come here, dwell here, and have an internship with us. This place will truly become our shared home.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5

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