Of, By, And For Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If there are fights in a group and differences of opinion are created that are not understood, do we not cause harm to the 99% of humanity through this?

Answer: Certainly! We are becoming the first part and the corrector of the collective soul. If the still level part, the level of the 99%, doesn’t participate in unity, this is considered to be normal, if they don’t constitute a disturbance for us.

The 99% of humanity doesn’t become the harmful part of humanity. However, to the degree that we don’t carry out our task and our mission, we do harm. This relates specifically to us. Therefore we need to hasten this as quickly as possible and be included in their correction. Through this we will correct ourselves.

As long as a person is not connected to the collective correction, it’s not considered that he is harming the collective system. You might dispute this and say: “What about the ecology and all the rest?” All that is ridiculous, all of this happens of, by, and for us.

Question: When we go out to the public we only think about them and not about unity in the group…

Answer: Unity in the group is necessary so that we can work with the masses in the right way. So in this case, preference is given to them and not to us.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5

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