Good Preparation Is A Guarantee For Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “What is Torah and Work Along the Spiritual Path”: It turns out that a person must try to make great efforts before he begins to study so that the study will bear fruit and good results. This means that the study brings him the Light of the Torah by which he can reform.

We often read about the importance of the preparation. The preparation is a sign of the intention and the intention is the only lever we can operate in order to change our state by ourselves.

All of reality already has been prepared during the descent from the top down in one restriction after another. It is only by the right intention that we discover it. Thus, there are two ways we can choose. We can wait in the state we are until the sufferings increase and fill the measure, thus forcing us to think about some positive changes that are desirable in the eyes of the Creator. Then, we operate the right intention and accordingly receive the revelation. It is because matter itself doesn’t mean anything. After the first restriction it is only the intention that opens up the connection with the Creator for us.

On the other hand, we can spur upon ourselves the intention in every state we are in through the mutual connection between us when everyone is impressed by the others, when each one submits himself and is incorporated into the environment and develops it. When he is impressed by the environment, he draws upon himself the Light that Reforms that goes through him to all the others and from the others back to him.

Thus, a person establishes his intention which means the Masach (screen) and the Returning Light through which he is rewarded with the revelation of “I shall hasten it,” instead of “in its time,” which means by the path of suffering. It all depends on the right preparation for the revelation of the Creator.

The way of establishing the right intention by ourselves, by our preparation and self-awakening, is much shorter and more beneficial than just waiting under the blows when we don’t know where they come from and why, and which take us along a long and difficult path to the same end.

Eventually, we certainly will attain a change but it is better to reach it by the path of the Light by awakening ourselves. It is the shortest and best way, and is desirable in the eyes of the Creator. So, we must focus all our attention on the goal that depends only on our preparation through which we spur ourselves even from states where we don’t even see the beginning, just like King David who remembers only that he has made a covenant with the Creator, and this small sign of his most external connection with the Creator enables him to begin working.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/23/13

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