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Weekly Torah Portion – 06.26.13

The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, Selected Excerpts

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The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, Selected Excerpts

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The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, Selected Excerpts, “Dvarim”

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In Spirituality An Individual Is Not A Warrior

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Every morning I wake up with the thought that everything depends upon me, “If I am not for myself who will be for me?” And I make great plans to do something wonderful, huge, and helpful. After that all kinds of things distract me, and in the evening I discover that apparently I didn’t do anything. But I understand that “There is none else besides Him”; that is, it is the Creator who arranged all this for me. I go to sleep, wake up in the morning completely renewed and everything begins anew. How is it possible to break out of my “deceptive” system?

Answer: I think that this happens because you are planning your personal egoistic spiritual event in the morning. Instead of this, you need to plan group events and then the whole “deception” will disappear and fade into being forgotten. Together with the friends you will be able to remind each other about things that need to be done.

Spiritual action can only be in a group, only together, at least with one other person. Even if in the morning I promise myself that I will do something, succeed in this, and in the evening feel like a hero: “Today I thought all the time and held onto it intentionally!” This is worth nothing if this was not connected to others!

It makes no difference what I thought about others if in this activity I was not together with them. Therefore, for many years we promise ourselves about something every morning but we don’t get results!

Spiritual work can only be in a group that is composed of at least two people, where we join together and do some kind of activity; otherwise, it isn’t spiritual. It’s desirable that we will depend upon each other in this activity that we are included together. I am happy about what my friend does and he is happy about what I do, so both of us depend upon each other.

And the main thing is for whom is the work intended? It could be from me and from the friend for a group and from there for the Creator. Can we convey our mutual joy from us to them, are we giving contentment to the Creator with this? Extending yourself into the characteristic of bestowal cannot be the work of one person, there must be at least two.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5

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A “Miscarriage” Is Going Back

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “The Matter of Ibur (Gestation) and Yenika (Suckling)”: And wherever there is a deficiency in Holiness, there is a hold of the Sitra Achra, and it can spoil the phase of Ibur and not allow it reach its wholeness, and by that lead to miscarriage since it is born before it has completed its phase of Ibur.

It is because in Ibur there are 25 Partzufim which means NRNHY, and in each one there is also NRNHY and so there has to be the delaying force, which means that even in smallness there should be wholeness. It receives this through its mother although the embryo has no vessels on the part of his mother in order to receive greatness in order to bestow, but still by annulling himself before the mother, he can receive greatness from the vessels of his mother, which is called gestation of the thigh of his mother, the food that his mother eats.

There it is about the upper Lights and the same is true during the time of preparation when he wants to enter the King’s palace, since the same applies there. Just as there are many phases and the Ibur doesn’t end at one time, and we say that there are nine months of pregnancy, until the 25 Partzufim are attained, so during the Preparation there are also many phases until one attains the complete phase of Ibur during the time of preparation. Therefore, there are many ascents and descents and sometimes the Ibur is corrupted which is also called a miscarriage and then we have to start the whole work over again.

There are many defined stages and many sub-stages: 25 Partzufim—made of a head, body, and an end—take part in every Zivug (coupling). Every new Zivug creates a whole world and brings a change for everyone. For those who directly fulfill the Zivug, these are inner changes, and for all the rest, these are surrounding changes, but there are many details in every step that the created being makes, and it is so even during the time of preparation and the time of Ibur (gestation), before the birth, during the birth itself, and onward.

Every state should be completed in order to move on to the next state. A person must hate the current state and see that it is flawed and that he cannot remain in it anymore, and to rise above it to a more sublime state. The question is according to what criteria he chooses in the state where his mind and heart are, both in quality and in quantity.

We should be careful to avoid a “miscarriage” at every step, which means going back, which is already a state of a Klipa (shell). Then, our advancement already will be along the path of suffering.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/13, Writings of Rabash

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Is This The Time To Create A World Government?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Bettina Röhl): “Will a way be found to control the uncontrollable global economic financial market? – There is no means to manage the global currency. Politicians and the people who drive the world economy lack the power and are only ready to declare false optimism about soon overcoming the crisis.

They watch the stormy developments helplessly, and are forced to take distracting political measures.  The world needs a balanced and equitable global government that will work in an even harsher way than the present rulers. This is the only way to pull ourselves out by the “hair” from the quagmire.

My Comment: There is no doubt that the world will come to realize the need for this. This is because an absolutely reciprocal connection will be discovered. The question is, will this happen before or after great suffering, wars, and the death of most of humanity? Integral Education suggests to humanity that instead of suffering, it should open its eyes to its terrible future in case that it fails to act.

The education offered gives humanity the opportunity to see the only possible solution: connection similar to nature and learning how to realize it, simply, quickly and reliably. And then humanity will reach the next level of its development, not due to terrible pressure from nature, but from an informed personal aspiration for this level.

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About Healthy Tasty Food…

Dr. Michael Laitman“We must chew food slowly, enjoy it and thank the Lord for that, we must eat silently, among friends or family, and feel constant gratitude for it.” (Rambam)

This postulate is confirmed by any modern dietitian.

But it is fine if I have half-hour lunch break, ten minutes to run out for fast food and ten minutes to get back. There I will be given a burger made of horse meat in a roll with a lettuce leaf and I will have to chew all this feeling grateful, among good people, feeling comfortable, listening to music, leaning on my left side.

Today this doesn’t sound practical in our reality; it is like reading a book about healthy delicious food that has lots of advice and suggestions, but who can follow them? Who can engage in them?

I hope that people will get a balanced diet in the future, suitable rational products with the necessary minerals and vitamins for our body, and moreover, that there will be enough time to consume it properly.

By the way, my teacher, Rabash, did so. We never spoke during our meals and they lasted half an hour and sometimes forty minutes. Interestingly, he never drank anything during the meal and never spoke, and if he did say something it was very short.

During meals, he was always silent and focused and chewed his food slowly because he was always in a specific mental process. I am sure that he was constantly trying to balance his spiritual state with his physical state.

I saw it on him: Now he received energy, food, it connects him with the source from which he receives energy, what did he receive it for, what does he exist for, what sustains this whole existence? Thus he used to connect to a certain system. With this constant attitude, he would begin to feel that he exists in some gigantic system, like in a cobweb, from which he receives and to which he passes. The food was a natural mediator between him and this whole system, he related to it very seriously!
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future,” 4/7/2013

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Gladness Is The Parameter For The Right Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati #58 , “Joy Is a Reflection of Good Deeds”: Even if one evidently sees that one will soon fall from one’s degree, He still sentences one where one is. It means that if one has now made up one’s mind to take upon himself the burden of the Kingdom of Heaven for eternity, it is considered wholeness.

However, if one takes upon himself the burden of the Kingdom of Heaven and does not want that state to remain in him forever, this thing and this deed is not considered wholeness, and naturally, the Upper Light cannot come and rest on it.

This is a basic question: How do we decide whether it’s for eternity or not for eternity? It’s about what a person sees as his goal and his future.

There are many organizations in the world, many groups and societies, that require a certain dedication and connection from their members. You can take any example you like starting from the stock market, a football team, a military unit, or alcoholics anonymous. Every organization requires dedication and commitment since otherwise there cannot be a connection.

But attaining a spiritual state requires dedication while understanding that it’s impossible to attain this goal without mutual connection and that it’s actually attained in the connection between us. The Creator is an image that we establish from our efforts to reach mutual bestowal upon one another. So dedication here is the same matter, the same carrier, the same way of yearning, the gladness, and the effort that the soul is built of; this is why it is called self-sacrifice.

I now give everything that I have in my desire to receive, the whole filling by which I want to revive it and to ensure its existence, all the energy, the gladness, the effort, the hopes, to the collective money box of the group. When everyone does that we build the collective infrastructure by our collective efforts in which the Creator is revealed, by the connection of “Israel, the Torah and the Creator are one.”

I in regard to the group is I in regard to Israel, and then we as “Israel” turn to the Creator in order to find Him there among us, our general force of bestowal, by connecting everything into one whole. So a collective effort is required. We can measure whether this effort is correct or not according to the level of our gladness. It’s impossible to follow the right path and not feel joy. Otherwise I cannot devote myself to the general spiritual vessel that we are building together.

So gladness is the major parameter for good deeds, like a mirror. We have to work on this in order to feel spiritual elation, an awakening, energy, power, gladness, uniqueness and a feeling of the blessing. These are external signs according to which we can imagine the veracity of our inner actions. If our action is correct it will summon in us elation, joy, hope, the connection between us, etc.

But if we haven’t reached the right action in the connection between us, then accordingly we will lack all these feelings: the gladness, the elation, etc. It’s very easy to check if there is gladness. A person cannot cry and claim that he is glad at the same time. You must feel gladness in your whole entity, as it says, “Until all my bones will tell.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/20/13, Shamati #58

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The Inconspicuous Messenger Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, Introduction, “The Donkey Driver,” p. 85: The donkey driver who is leading the donkeys behind them is the assistance to the souls of the righteous, which is sent to them from above to raise them from one degree to the next. Had it not been for this assistance, which the Creator sends to the righteous, they would have been unable to rise from their degree and ascend higher. Hence the Creator sends a high soul from above according to the merit and degree of each righteous and it assists him on his way.

It can be said that this assistance is the same Light that Reforms. And the “Creator” is the general Light of infinity that sends a person vessels (desires). After all, rising to the next degree requires new “clothing,” which in our case, comes through the teacher.

Either way, each request rises to infinity and the Light comes only from there even for the smallest corrections. There is nothing in the intermediate stages because all of them, all the worlds, are in the state of Hafetz Hesed.

As for those who raise their request, they are called “righteous” and they receive help from a special higher soul—from the “donkey driver,” i.e., desires.

Thus, a righteous person is the person who desires to rise from the current state to a state of higher bestowal. Depending on his level, he gets a special soul to help him, intended specifically for this action. Other messengers come from the Creator for other purposes. The Kabbalists metaphorically described this as “letters” or properties that the Creator replaces to perform a special task.

But in any case, “the donkey driver” is a high soul through which the power of the righteous desires performing ascent is combined with the qualitative essence of this ascent, with the level at which the work is performed. That is why every time a person is sent a different soul. Every messenger is for each action.

In the beginning, the righteous does not know that soul at all. It seems to him that it is a very low soul which is accompanying him on his way. This is called “the impregnation of the righteous’ soul.”

It seems to us that the group and the teacher are not so important. We neglect them, in other words, we ignore the special, only means that was sent from Above. Over time, this means is more lost in our eyes; it seems more primitive and insignificant. Indeed, who considers some driver? What do we care about the taxi driver driving us to an important event?

And only later we become aware of his role …
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/13, The Zohar

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The Future Society: Spiritual And Material

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Which principles must be found in the future society, do they have a reciprocal connection with the spiritual world?

Answer: In the future society exactly the same Kabbalistic principles apply as in the spiritual world. This is the same Kabbalistic system of mutual connection of the corrected parts of creation of corrected souls, only it is described and explained in ordinary materialistic language and no more than this.

Either I say that we need to gather according to the Kabbalistic principles of “faith above reason,” “nullification,” “first restriction,” “second restriction,” “Returning Light,” and so forth or I say the same thing in a simple language—that people need to begin to connect despite their ego and then they will sense the discovery of a unique collective force among them, which in fact is the upper Light.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/14/13, Lesson 4

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 06.26.13

Talk About the Preparations for the Congress

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