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Dr. Michael Laitman“We must chew food slowly, enjoy it and thank the Lord for that, we must eat silently, among friends or family, and feel constant gratitude for it.” (Rambam)

This postulate is confirmed by any modern dietitian.

But it is fine if I have half-hour lunch break, ten minutes to run out for fast food and ten minutes to get back. There I will be given a burger made of horse meat in a roll with a lettuce leaf and I will have to chew all this feeling grateful, among good people, feeling comfortable, listening to music, leaning on my left side.

Today this doesn’t sound practical in our reality; it is like reading a book about healthy delicious food that has lots of advice and suggestions, but who can follow them? Who can engage in them?

I hope that people will get a balanced diet in the future, suitable rational products with the necessary minerals and vitamins for our body, and moreover, that there will be enough time to consume it properly.

By the way, my teacher, Rabash, did so. We never spoke during our meals and they lasted half an hour and sometimes forty minutes. Interestingly, he never drank anything during the meal and never spoke, and if he did say something it was very short.

During meals, he was always silent and focused and chewed his food slowly because he was always in a specific mental process. I am sure that he was constantly trying to balance his spiritual state with his physical state.

I saw it on him: Now he received energy, food, it connects him with the source from which he receives energy, what did he receive it for, what does he exist for, what sustains this whole existence? Thus he used to connect to a certain system. With this constant attitude, he would begin to feel that he exists in some gigantic system, like in a cobweb, from which he receives and to which he passes. The food was a natural mediator between him and this whole system, he related to it very seriously!
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future,” 4/7/2013

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  1. Great post. In the parlance of our times they would call this “mindfulness.”

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