Gladness Is The Parameter For The Right Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati #58 , “Joy Is a Reflection of Good Deeds”: Even if one evidently sees that one will soon fall from one’s degree, He still sentences one where one is. It means that if one has now made up one’s mind to take upon himself the burden of the Kingdom of Heaven for eternity, it is considered wholeness.

However, if one takes upon himself the burden of the Kingdom of Heaven and does not want that state to remain in him forever, this thing and this deed is not considered wholeness, and naturally, the Upper Light cannot come and rest on it.

This is a basic question: How do we decide whether it’s for eternity or not for eternity? It’s about what a person sees as his goal and his future.

There are many organizations in the world, many groups and societies, that require a certain dedication and connection from their members. You can take any example you like starting from the stock market, a football team, a military unit, or alcoholics anonymous. Every organization requires dedication and commitment since otherwise there cannot be a connection.

But attaining a spiritual state requires dedication while understanding that it’s impossible to attain this goal without mutual connection and that it’s actually attained in the connection between us. The Creator is an image that we establish from our efforts to reach mutual bestowal upon one another. So dedication here is the same matter, the same carrier, the same way of yearning, the gladness, and the effort that the soul is built of; this is why it is called self-sacrifice.

I now give everything that I have in my desire to receive, the whole filling by which I want to revive it and to ensure its existence, all the energy, the gladness, the effort, the hopes, to the collective money box of the group. When everyone does that we build the collective infrastructure by our collective efforts in which the Creator is revealed, by the connection of “Israel, the Torah and the Creator are one.”

I in regard to the group is I in regard to Israel, and then we as “Israel” turn to the Creator in order to find Him there among us, our general force of bestowal, by connecting everything into one whole. So a collective effort is required. We can measure whether this effort is correct or not according to the level of our gladness. It’s impossible to follow the right path and not feel joy. Otherwise I cannot devote myself to the general spiritual vessel that we are building together.

So gladness is the major parameter for good deeds, like a mirror. We have to work on this in order to feel spiritual elation, an awakening, energy, power, gladness, uniqueness and a feeling of the blessing. These are external signs according to which we can imagine the veracity of our inner actions. If our action is correct it will summon in us elation, joy, hope, the connection between us, etc.

But if we haven’t reached the right action in the connection between us, then accordingly we will lack all these feelings: the gladness, the elation, etc. It’s very easy to check if there is gladness. A person cannot cry and claim that he is glad at the same time. You must feel gladness in your whole entity, as it says, “Until all my bones will tell.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/20/13, Shamati #58

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