The Inconspicuous Messenger Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, Introduction, “The Donkey Driver,” p. 85: The donkey driver who is leading the donkeys behind them is the assistance to the souls of the righteous, which is sent to them from above to raise them from one degree to the next. Had it not been for this assistance, which the Creator sends to the righteous, they would have been unable to rise from their degree and ascend higher. Hence the Creator sends a high soul from above according to the merit and degree of each righteous and it assists him on his way.

It can be said that this assistance is the same Light that Reforms. And the “Creator” is the general Light of infinity that sends a person vessels (desires). After all, rising to the next degree requires new “clothing,” which in our case, comes through the teacher.

Either way, each request rises to infinity and the Light comes only from there even for the smallest corrections. There is nothing in the intermediate stages because all of them, all the worlds, are in the state of Hafetz Hesed.

As for those who raise their request, they are called “righteous” and they receive help from a special higher soul—from the “donkey driver,” i.e., desires.

Thus, a righteous person is the person who desires to rise from the current state to a state of higher bestowal. Depending on his level, he gets a special soul to help him, intended specifically for this action. Other messengers come from the Creator for other purposes. The Kabbalists metaphorically described this as “letters” or properties that the Creator replaces to perform a special task.

But in any case, “the donkey driver” is a high soul through which the power of the righteous desires performing ascent is combined with the qualitative essence of this ascent, with the level at which the work is performed. That is why every time a person is sent a different soul. Every messenger is for each action.

In the beginning, the righteous does not know that soul at all. It seems to him that it is a very low soul which is accompanying him on his way. This is called “the impregnation of the righteous’ soul.”

It seems to us that the group and the teacher are not so important. We neglect them, in other words, we ignore the special, only means that was sent from Above. Over time, this means is more lost in our eyes; it seems more primitive and insignificant. Indeed, who considers some driver? What do we care about the taxi driver driving us to an important event?

And only later we become aware of his role …
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/13, The Zohar

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