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There Won’t Be Any Disappointments

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are concepts like fairness and bestowal. If I don’t know how to give and bestow materially, can I at least know how it is to bestow spiritually?

Answer: Spirituality and materiality are integrated with each other. If I cannot bestow materially, I will not be able to bestow anything spiritually either. This is because everything is established through desire. It oversees my material activities: I extend my hand, I return my hand, and so forth. It’s the same thing in spirituality. Therefore, in the material world if I harm someone, certainly I am not bringing any benefit in spirituality.

If I will learn to bestow on the physical level, then with this I take a step towards spirituality. However, this doesn’t mean that I enter into the upper world yet because I must be properly organized for this, especially between me and everyone else. And this is what we are teaching humanity.

People can bestow and give to each other, we know about the altruism of individuals and Utopian societies from history, but nothing came from this. In general, clearly this ended in bloodshed because the Light didn’t come among them and disappointments, bitterness, and mutual recriminations came in response to their efforts and expectations. Therefore, it’s necessary to teach people how to unite correctly, and then their movement towards each other will be desirable and will end well.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/14/13, Lesson 4

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The Economy Of The Present And The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanOne hundred percent of our systems of relationships are connected to the economy. The economy is a reflection of our egoistic connections because it’s not just about finances. Even if we politely say to each other, “Hello, thanks, goodbye” or just give someone a fork, when we sit at a shared table, this is also economics because these are acts of exchange. We are not necessarily obligated to count dollars because the exchange is happening both in the energetic level and at the verbal level.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah says that the world will pass to another economy, and the present economy will simply destroy itself. And the sooner we understand where it’s heading the easier it will transition to a new economy.

A new economy is an economy of sensible consumption where we don’t consider our options but our needs and work only for them. The economy will be built upon satisfying a rational human lifestyle and nothing more. Whereas, the principle by which it works today will soon be successfully “removed” everywhere, everything will collapse.

If we don’t lead the integral education, it will be realized through crisis and bankruptcy, which already have their place now. We take upon ourselves only the educational work. We need new economists, people different from those who are found in power today.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/14/13, Lesson 4   

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We Leave Our Ego Somewhere Behind

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash writes in The Social Writings: And there can be no love of another unless one nullifies himself. For on the one hand, each and every one needs to be humble. And on the other hand, we need to be proud that the Creator gave us the opportunity to be able to enter a society where each one of us has only one goal, ‘that the Shechinah will dwell among us.’

The Shechinah is the general characteristic of bestowal, and we want this characteristic to connect and unite us and fill the entire void between us. It turns out that the ego is left behind, behind us, and in front of us, the characteristic of mutual bestowal rules, connecting us in a circle within which we feel the general field of bestowal, that is, the nature that is discovered through a higher and more interior power with the characteristic of bestowal.

And even though we have not reached the goal, nevertheless we have a desire to reach the goal. This also needs to be important to us, even though we are still found at the beginning of the way. But we hope that we will reach the higher goal.

Amazing characteristics are discovered through connection: You accept the desires of the other but only when you want to be fulfilled within them as with a person that you love, when you live within his desires. Which is to say, his desires direct my desires, stabilize them, and I receive a double desire that attracts me forward with great intensity.

And when we gather with ten friends and each is included in the desires of the others, then within this “Group of Ten” I receive the sum that each of them gathers within himself from all the nine friends and not just the desires of the nine friends. Describe to yourselves what kind of increase there is here to my desire. There are nine people here and each of them already includes all the other nine friends.

But this is a qualitative increase of desire and not a quantitative one, for his quality is changed. In Kabbalah nothing is measured according to quantity since this cannot be measured at all. The spiritual world is not measured quantitatively. And even though we measure the density of desire through the levels 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4, these are qualitative measurements and not quantitative; every time there is a leap from one height to another height, from the substance of the still to the vegetative to the animate and to the speaking.

We leap from level to level all the time, like to the next height of development, but this is a new qualitative height. It is impossible to compare between a plant and a stone through a quantitative criterion since this is an absolutely different type of existence. The feeling of life is completely different. So it is here. Therefore, the moment that we connect within a group, we immediately acquire a new qualitative feeling; we feel that the world is transparent; we see through it and feel the power of bestowal that fills it, that establishes and manages everything.

We begin to feel ourselves, our ego, hovering within an ocean of bestowal, managing, guiding, connecting, and uniting us. Very little effort is demanded of me; I must want to feel my enjoyment through the other, no more than this.

This is what I would want to say to you as an introduction. From this are derived all the laws of the group that establish how it is up to us to connect into physical and virtual groups, how to connect between us, and how to make gatherings of friends. Everything is derived only from this.

The main thing is that everything will be directed towards maintaining a condition that provides everyone with the opportunity to go out of himself and pass into the other with the “point in the heart” as quickly as possible, easily and powerfully. And to leave the ego somewhere behind us, to forget about ourselves!
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5

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Getting Lost Among The Friends

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While I am talking with the friends, on one hand, I feel that our hearts are close, and on the other hand, there exists an understanding that I am looking as if in an abyss and I will never completely feel anyone. We are so different: each one with his own ego that sometimes interferes and is bothersome and sometimes is helpful and enables us to be with each other. How can we get passed this point so our “bicycles” will finally move forward and we will get back on them and not fall?

Answer: For this one needs to feel that by his feeling himself as the smallest, he enters among the friends and has no need for anything else. He must feel “they are so big, I want to squeeze in between them, and there will be hope that I together with them can move forward.” There is great happiness if a person feels this way about himself.

Question: But here opposition arises. Do we simply need to ignore it?

Answer: You need to work with it, not to object to it, but simply try to listen to the friends.

Look at where people came from in order to attend the convention, how much energy, time, efforts and means they spent, where they live and how the Creator chose them. If you look at them from the outside, you won’t see pretty or smart people. Each one has a different personality, etc.

If you dig inside a little, that is work! You will see that inside there is the spark of the Creator that He placed in each one of them. Of course, there needs to be awe and fear that without them you are lost.

You must understand that. You need to think about that since the thought increases the desire. When the desire is small, but with the help of the thoughts you constantly develop it, then it grows and becomes something strong. But I am talking about a sensation that is very exact and clear. If you don’t enter into a general “mutual carriage,’’ then you stay on the side of the road. You must push, squeeze between the friends, in order to not get lost among them.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/14/13, Lesson 2

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Everything For The Sake Of Others

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In one of the lessons you said that the Creator will be revealed to us when we don’t want it. What does this mean?

Answer: Regarding what was said, that the Creator is discovered when a person doesn’t want it; the intent is that a person refuses whatever results there may be for his self, and so we get to a point beyond the “Machsom.”
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/14/13, Lesson 4

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Surround The World With One Hug

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly has this convention given us, to what level did it raise us?

Answer: In this convention I tried to show you the direct way from the person to the group and from the group to the Creator who is discovered within it. I suggest that you listen to this morning’s talk (Lesson Number 5 from the convention) a few times more. Within this half hour I tried to convey clearly, concisely, and emotionally how a person transfers his “self” from within himself to the group and begins to be happy with its happiness, to mix with it, to go into it. He leaves his ego out and transfers his “self” into the group.

When he connects with other friends this way, the Creator is discovered among them. And then each one of them and all of them together are happy already, not from what happens in the group, but from their discovery of the Creator; they are happy with that happiness, with that joy that he feels that He is this characteristic of bestowal.

This is the entire realization of the goal of creation: to give pleasure to the creature, meaning us, specifically through this state, this discovery, this experience, this intense feeling of happiness that you are going outside of yourself into the group and from the group into the Creator. It is up to us to intensify this transition. I would very much like for us in the time that remains until the convention in St. Petersburg, to all practice this, each of us and all of us together.

This is the most important question and in principle the only one. All the particular variations of the method of Kabbalah are derived from this. At the convention in St. Petersburg we will speak about real realization already.

We must maintain a constant connection between the groups in one area and between the areas, so that from the individual connection will be derived a more and more mutual connection. It is necessary to connect according to this kind of method. Specifically, it is very important to connect and not compete. It is unfortunate that there are friends who could have reached the convention and in spite of it all decided it was not for them and that they could sit at home. They have lost much. The Creator did this with them on His account and we can only be sorry for them.

It is necessary to go forward and only do everything possible to go outside of myself into the group. The convention in Krasnoyarsk is helping us with this very much, more than in any other convention. Besides this, we have been carrying out great and very useful work by causing an intense feeling of jealousy in our whole “Kabbalistic world”; it is too bad that they are not with us. This makes me very happy.

They really have something to be sorry about and I think it is too bad that they weren’t here even though they participated in all the activities virtually. I don’t want to extinguish in any way the sensation of sorrow that remains with them.

But on the other hand, if we connect with them, then this feeling of jealousy towards us will connect with us and we will receive this immense desire from them that we ignited in them. And they will receive from us that fulfillment that we discovered and aspired to here. So thanks to this mutual enrichment, all of us rise. Therefore, we are inviting everyone to connect all around the world with one big hug.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13 Lesson 6

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To Add Myself To The Picture Of Perfection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to say that the goal of human existence is not progress according to the current understanding of the word?

Answer: It seems to me that this is already clear to everyone today. Everyone understands that the future is not to be found in the consumer society because it is impossible to be productive all the time.

Besides this, very large numbers of the unemployed are now appearing among us and we don’t know what to do with them. It hasn’t even occurred to us to bring them to studying integral education.

The main thing is that desires have changed in humanity. Since we are humans and not animals, our desires are changing all the time. They are no longer directed at constantly acquiring and discarding, acquiring and discarding. We are already refraining from this! Look at how the atmosphere of the Internet has changed. People are really tired of all the “dirty laundry” that is being aired out there! They are gradually rising above this. This is because the next stage will not be involved in this need to acquire and manufacture and buy and manufacture again and again at all. That stage is already behind us.

Soon capital will also lose its value! People will lose their yearning to display their material success in the marketplace of the pursuit of respect. On the contrary, this kind of bad taste will be considered as something nasty and vile. This is to say, that the opposite will happen, a gradual revolution; one can already see this on the horizon.

Question: But people are still motivated by the desires and external characteristics of personal success.

Answer: If people were to discover that it is possible to leave an eternal and perfect space, where you begin to feel your body as if it is like a dog or cat sitting next to you, and identify themselves with something completely new, existing in an eternal and perfect space, then what would they say? For what do they work and for what do they do in this life in addition to showing off to each other at these artificial meetings?

A person has possibilities in this life, not in some afterlife, but in this life, to go to the next level! Nature pushes us towards this. It just shows us how to do this: Be like me, and then, please rise to the next level so you will feel yourself in this new dimension that we are talking about.

This is a person’s business! And this is what billions of people on the face of the earth need to be doing! Every one of them is necessary because this mosaic, this Lego, adds itself to create a complete picture of perfection.

Moreover, the technique is very simple and is designed for everyone not just particularly talented and wise people.

If people were to turn just a billionth part of themselves towards the creation of a system of integral and virtual education, then the world would become completely different. A person would easily change his desires and begin to look at everything differently. This can work very simply for a person today.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis”, 3/19/13

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A Soul In Search Of Choice

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The upper world is composed of 125 levels of attainment. What happens with the soul if it rises to the fifth level, for example, does it have a free choice to advance further or to remain at this level?

Answer: Free choice doesn’t exist anywhere or in anything except regarding one and only one activity: strengthening the connection with the group.

Free choice is only in this. For if you don’t hold onto the connection with the group, then that power that you need to awaken in yourself in a good form to advance forward will constantly push you back through negative influence, through suffering. If you begin to flee from these sufferings, but not from your desire, rather against your will, then you advance like the rest of humanity. But if you understand that it is necessary to rise in spite of it all, then you must connect with the group.

There is no other free choice  in the world besides this choice. All humans on the face of the earth are enslaved and lack free choice. It is impossible to do anything in your present, past, or future if you don’t begin to change your fate with the help of the group and not choose going forward with an individual yearning instead of the stick that is pushing you from behind.

Therefore, the way for everyone is the same, but if you grasp this as desirable and pass through all the inner changes from your own free will, then you will begin to be changed from egoism to altruism. And if not, then nature will obligate you to change through great suffering that will eventually break you and you will agree to do everything yourself.

Question: So if a person doesn’t feel happy about his involvement with spiritual work, this is a sign that he is doing something incorrectly?

Answer: This is saying that he is not advancing. It is possible to advance only through happiness. Forward movement represents my preference for the characteristic of bestowal instead of the characteristic of reception, the characteristic of love instead of the characteristic of hatred. How is this possible if you are not happy with your choice? There cannot be anything like this. It is a sign that there is still no choice.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk Day One 6/14/13, Lesson 2

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The Forecast For Dead Communication

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Sergei A. Kravchenko, psychologist at Moscow State University): “We define dead communication as communication of strangers on the phone, via email, Internet, and via other methods. Unlike live communication, dead communication forms only rational structures in humans, without affecting the emotional spheres of the mind, and causes alienation of people.

“People spend more time watching TV, on the phone, on the computer, and in meetings. At the same time, they are trying to get rid of emotions that, due to the media, are filled with light entertainment. The collapse of culture creates the preconditions for the younger generation become ignorant. The thin line between morality and ethics, conscience and the law, good and evil, love and hate leads, to the dominance of negative forces. The prevalence of dead communication over live communication is planetary in nature.”

My Comment: There is no doubt that the absence of heartfelt live communication exerts a negative influence both on human psychology and physiology. But it is possible to correct it not by psychological training, which no longer works as practice shows, but through the introduction of integral education: This is what will bring warmth, participation, and confidence into everyone’s world.

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