The Forecast For Dead Communication

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Sergei A. Kravchenko, psychologist at Moscow State University): “We define dead communication as communication of strangers on the phone, via email, Internet, and via other methods. Unlike live communication, dead communication forms only rational structures in humans, without affecting the emotional spheres of the mind, and causes alienation of people.

“People spend more time watching TV, on the phone, on the computer, and in meetings. At the same time, they are trying to get rid of emotions that, due to the media, are filled with light entertainment. The collapse of culture creates the preconditions for the younger generation become ignorant. The thin line between morality and ethics, conscience and the law, good and evil, love and hate leads, to the dominance of negative forces. The prevalence of dead communication over live communication is planetary in nature.”

My Comment: There is no doubt that the absence of heartfelt live communication exerts a negative influence both on human psychology and physiology. But it is possible to correct it not by psychological training, which no longer works as practice shows, but through the introduction of integral education: This is what will bring warmth, participation, and confidence into everyone’s world.

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