A Soul In Search Of Choice

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The upper world is composed of 125 levels of attainment. What happens with the soul if it rises to the fifth level, for example, does it have a free choice to advance further or to remain at this level?

Answer: Free choice doesn’t exist anywhere or in anything except regarding one and only one activity: strengthening the connection with the group.

Free choice is only in this. For if you don’t hold onto the connection with the group, then that power that you need to awaken in yourself in a good form to advance forward will constantly push you back through negative influence, through suffering. If you begin to flee from these sufferings, but not from your desire, rather against your will, then you advance like the rest of humanity. But if you understand that it is necessary to rise in spite of it all, then you must connect with the group.

There is no other free choice  in the world besides this choice. All humans on the face of the earth are enslaved and lack free choice. It is impossible to do anything in your present, past, or future if you don’t begin to change your fate with the help of the group and not choose going forward with an individual yearning instead of the stick that is pushing you from behind.

Therefore, the way for everyone is the same, but if you grasp this as desirable and pass through all the inner changes from your own free will, then you will begin to be changed from egoism to altruism. And if not, then nature will obligate you to change through great suffering that will eventually break you and you will agree to do everything yourself.

Question: So if a person doesn’t feel happy about his involvement with spiritual work, this is a sign that he is doing something incorrectly?

Answer: This is saying that he is not advancing. It is possible to advance only through happiness. Forward movement represents my preference for the characteristic of bestowal instead of the characteristic of reception, the characteristic of love instead of the characteristic of hatred. How is this possible if you are not happy with your choice? There cannot be anything like this. It is a sign that there is still no choice.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk Day One 6/14/13, Lesson 2

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