To Add Myself To The Picture Of Perfection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to say that the goal of human existence is not progress according to the current understanding of the word?

Answer: It seems to me that this is already clear to everyone today. Everyone understands that the future is not to be found in the consumer society because it is impossible to be productive all the time.

Besides this, very large numbers of the unemployed are now appearing among us and we don’t know what to do with them. It hasn’t even occurred to us to bring them to studying integral education.

The main thing is that desires have changed in humanity. Since we are humans and not animals, our desires are changing all the time. They are no longer directed at constantly acquiring and discarding, acquiring and discarding. We are already refraining from this! Look at how the atmosphere of the Internet has changed. People are really tired of all the “dirty laundry” that is being aired out there! They are gradually rising above this. This is because the next stage will not be involved in this need to acquire and manufacture and buy and manufacture again and again at all. That stage is already behind us.

Soon capital will also lose its value! People will lose their yearning to display their material success in the marketplace of the pursuit of respect. On the contrary, this kind of bad taste will be considered as something nasty and vile. This is to say, that the opposite will happen, a gradual revolution; one can already see this on the horizon.

Question: But people are still motivated by the desires and external characteristics of personal success.

Answer: If people were to discover that it is possible to leave an eternal and perfect space, where you begin to feel your body as if it is like a dog or cat sitting next to you, and identify themselves with something completely new, existing in an eternal and perfect space, then what would they say? For what do they work and for what do they do in this life in addition to showing off to each other at these artificial meetings?

A person has possibilities in this life, not in some afterlife, but in this life, to go to the next level! Nature pushes us towards this. It just shows us how to do this: Be like me, and then, please rise to the next level so you will feel yourself in this new dimension that we are talking about.

This is a person’s business! And this is what billions of people on the face of the earth need to be doing! Every one of them is necessary because this mosaic, this Lego, adds itself to create a complete picture of perfection.

Moreover, the technique is very simple and is designed for everyone not just particularly talented and wise people.

If people were to turn just a billionth part of themselves towards the creation of a system of integral and virtual education, then the world would become completely different. A person would easily change his desires and begin to look at everything differently. This can work very simply for a person today.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis”, 3/19/13

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