Surround The World With One Hug

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly has this convention given us, to what level did it raise us?

Answer: In this convention I tried to show you the direct way from the person to the group and from the group to the Creator who is discovered within it. I suggest that you listen to this morning’s talk (Lesson Number 5 from the convention) a few times more. Within this half hour I tried to convey clearly, concisely, and emotionally how a person transfers his “self” from within himself to the group and begins to be happy with its happiness, to mix with it, to go into it. He leaves his ego out and transfers his “self” into the group.

When he connects with other friends this way, the Creator is discovered among them. And then each one of them and all of them together are happy already, not from what happens in the group, but from their discovery of the Creator; they are happy with that happiness, with that joy that he feels that He is this characteristic of bestowal.

This is the entire realization of the goal of creation: to give pleasure to the creature, meaning us, specifically through this state, this discovery, this experience, this intense feeling of happiness that you are going outside of yourself into the group and from the group into the Creator. It is up to us to intensify this transition. I would very much like for us in the time that remains until the convention in St. Petersburg, to all practice this, each of us and all of us together.

This is the most important question and in principle the only one. All the particular variations of the method of Kabbalah are derived from this. At the convention in St. Petersburg we will speak about real realization already.

We must maintain a constant connection between the groups in one area and between the areas, so that from the individual connection will be derived a more and more mutual connection. It is necessary to connect according to this kind of method. Specifically, it is very important to connect and not compete. It is unfortunate that there are friends who could have reached the convention and in spite of it all decided it was not for them and that they could sit at home. They have lost much. The Creator did this with them on His account and we can only be sorry for them.

It is necessary to go forward and only do everything possible to go outside of myself into the group. The convention in Krasnoyarsk is helping us with this very much, more than in any other convention. Besides this, we have been carrying out great and very useful work by causing an intense feeling of jealousy in our whole “Kabbalistic world”; it is too bad that they are not with us. This makes me very happy.

They really have something to be sorry about and I think it is too bad that they weren’t here even though they participated in all the activities virtually. I don’t want to extinguish in any way the sensation of sorrow that remains with them.

But on the other hand, if we connect with them, then this feeling of jealousy towards us will connect with us and we will receive this immense desire from them that we ignited in them. And they will receive from us that fulfillment that we discovered and aspired to here. So thanks to this mutual enrichment, all of us rise. Therefore, we are inviting everyone to connect all around the world with one big hug.
From the Convention In Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13 Lesson 6

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