What We Have To Reach This Fall

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have talked and read a lot about our needing to unite. However, until recently it was a relatively quiet period and we still were not prepared to realize that the need to unite is the decisive fundamental factor and everything depends on it.

We have heard about this for years, but did not feel that everything that we expect takes place precisely in unity. The “trigger” did not function in us, there was no internal “click,” the realization that the result of everything that we study and do is only in this. But lately, it’s beginning to sink in, basically, with the introduction of integral education, which we first need to apply to ourselves.

As a result of the sequence of our congresses that will continue until the fall, we will come to the quality of “automatism,” meaning we will convince ourselves that the correction of our estrangement is in the unification of everyone together; this is our task. As for the desire for something incomprehensible, higher, for the Light, it will be manifested automatically if we achieve the correct unity. So, we have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that the upper reality, in terms of desires (Kelim), is hidden in unity. The more we automatically apply this, even if it is increasingly more difficult to master this approach, the more we will be able to enter the upper world.

We see this in the example of the Egyptian exile, with the group which Abraham created. Pharaoh (egoism) was asked, “Let us go!” In other words, “tear us from yourself, let us break away!” And when it was stated strongly, there came the last ten blows, the “ten plagues of Egypt.”

Actually, this is the last ten manifestations of egoism, when the egoistic thickness (Aviut) expresses itself in its last ten layers when a person has finally “matured.” Although these ten stages of egoism affect us, they also already raise us and in the end push us into the upper world.

Thus, egoism itself as it grows (and it grows only to the extent that we are ready to connect above it), it immediately helps us. It burns hotter and hotter and then we reach a new degree. I am sure that we have to start feeling these ten stages of the increasing ego to the extent of our unity. And then, we will feel that our egoistic attempts, on the one hand, give us nothing, but on the other hand, add a new level of connection.

In other words, in our unity we need to begin to feel ourselves more complex, more “intricate,” and at the same time see that this system, similar to an electronic circuit, consisting of various radio components, still does not work. It seems that everything is in place and we try to unite; but still there is nothing. However, as we go through egoistic blows, we constantly find more and more new places where there is no contact between us at a more serious level.

That is why we should see our egoism as “help against oneself.” Appearing between us every time, it adds an opportunity for us to reach the common ego that is necessary for the first degree. This means that there is nothing “against,” it works together with the Light, and we should see in it just one single action from the part of the Creator: on one side, the Light, the right line, and on the other side, egoism, the left line.

Thus, they work constantly, alternately, like two legs, and a person moves forward in the middle line. The Creator, the general Force from Above, manages these two properties, and we need to realize them correctly from the bottom-up to become equal to the Creator. The Light and the desire have to be equal by level, and the greater they are, the closer we rise to the Creator.

Our group Bnei Baruch was created in the mid-nineties, although I have students who came from 1991. Imagine that since then and until recently we hardly spoke about unity seriously. We studied the sources, read the articles, but could not yet start doing it seriously, practically. Only now we have started to organize workshops and develop the method of integral education, but we were not engaged in this until now because it was too early.

I feel that the group and the world are currently united and depend on each other. Until now, there was no such tension, there were no such conditions such that we could seriously, actively, and practically begin to realize our unity. So, I see the results of the last few months by the desire (Kli) that we create. The result of our previous conventions is a greater and greater feeling of the need and our unity.

I should understand that spirituality is between us, only inside, only at the intersection of our desires. I need to imagine it like this automatically. Even if egoism rises to the next level, I nonetheless must find this state quickly, feel distancing, experience hatred of what separates us, and aspire to greater unity again.

Moreover, this unity will be more and more qualitative. It’s not about connection on the material level, in songs, various activities; on the contrary, it will be felt deeper and deeper, more internal. It will not be related to the parameters of our world, with distances, with characters, etc.

Unity will be increasingly discovered as a kind of spiritual substance, a gradually revealed network of forces, connection between us that exists in reality. We find only it, and all the other external attributes that we still imagine will gradually disappear. This is how our spiritual Kli will emerge. Thinking about spiritual matters, we will imagine unity more clearly in the form of this network of connections between us, inside every Partzuf, between the Partzufim, which consists of the Sefirot and sub-Sefirot, and they will all come together in the system called the “world.”

These worlds are arranged linearly, hierarchically, depending on egoism and on the way that we work on it at every degree, how it’s graduated. All this is the 125 degrees of the spiritual ladder. And at the same time, the worlds are round.

This entire system will be presented to us as the only existing one, and we will seemingly dissolve into it gradually; we do not exist, there is no physical body, there is no entire physical world. This shadowy world just disappears.

We will desire common spirituality instead of an individual one, imagining it only in the form of unity that will be more and more clearly manifested as a network of forces between us. And in this network of forces, we will really feel ourselves, our inner “self” that exists united with each other.

Then, we will begin to feel what happens in this network instead of everything that happens in the material world. Our world is just some external manifestation of spirituality in the form that we can now notice it. And it’s through these external indicators that we have to try to discover the only real existing network between desires, the entire system of the universe. These attempts will begin to appear in everyone’s consciousness, and the general system will become more and more obvious, determining the only one existing.

I think this is what will become the outcome of our efforts and conventions. I hope it will happen. But it depends on everyone’s individual and all our collective efforts in the movement towards it.

As a result, we will begin to connect all our knowledge, the group work, work with humanity, and studies of the structures of spiritual worlds. All will be added. outlining a single picture and us within it.

This should be the result of our ongoing series of conventions. I would very much like that when it’s over we could very clearly, soberly, in reality imagine ourselves existing in this system and feeling that it determines our internal and external state, the state of the world, and in general of everything. One way or another, this picture is created based on many attempts.
From the 2nd Preparation for the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13

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