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A Friend Who Is A Boss

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I practically annul myself before the group of ten or before the group?

Answer: It is just as you do at work, having no choice when you annul yourself before the boss and carry out his orders, although inside you curse him and think that he is dumb. Still, you do what he says. It is the same with the friends. Although you think you are more important than everyone else and that you understand better than the friend, you still annul yourself before him as if he were your boss. Try to feel that you want him to manage you!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/13, Writings of Rabash

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Let’s Melt Into One Another

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What sort of annulment is required from the group of ten in the coming men’s convention?

Answer: We must attain total self-annulment with regard to the group of ten. It will not happen immediately, but rather gradually. Eventually, I must disappear, melt into the group just like a liquid that is poured into another liquid and is mixed until there is a total merger. I want to melt into everyone, to penetrate everyone. This is the self-annulment that I should reach with regard to my group of ten.

The moment I reach full disappearance in it, at the exact point that I disappear, I begin to feel the Creator. It is the hole through which I enter the spiritual world, which is called “the point of the needle.”

It is hard work, but it can become very easy if each of us supports everyone and we all help one another. Everyone should set an example for the others as to how much he annuls himself, and how he lowers himself and submits himself. You must show that, and this also will help you and awaken the others. Then, they will impress you in their turn. This is very important.

A group is a womb, and, the moment a person disappears in it, he is conceived in spirituality, like a drop of semen, and begins to grow as a spiritual formation. Only the initial spark remains of him, and around it, his new spiritual vessel is formed that is made of all his future concessions.

After the first ultimate self-annulment that turns you into a spiritual embryo, new egoistic desires are evoked in you on top of which you continue to annul yourself before the environment and the Creator. You already feel His Surrounding Light that isn’t just the Light that Reforms, but you feel the Creator in the Surrounding Light, like a pillar of smoke or a cloud.

You already begin to identify His presence to a certain extent, which means the attribute of bestowal. It is because you already have annulled yourself, and you continue to concede. You cannot see actual clear formations in the vessel that is formed by your self-annulment and your concession yet, but you already can sense them. This is why it is called a cloud or smoke.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/13, Writings of Rabash

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On The Level Of Thoughts And Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we are working to create an integral society (community), we need to play with this. Together with this, must all of our mutual activities be carried out at the level of thought?

Answer: Absolutely! Nothing more is required of us. We are entering a system where only one thought operates: the beginning of the action, the action itself, and its result. This is all thought.

Question: It is like an assembly line of thought where a lot of people each are carrying out a simple action for a total common result.

Answer: This is not an assembly line of thought. It is, rather, a closed chain of thought, let’s say, like a group composed of ten people where all are linked integrally. This is to say, they all organize a space between them like this where all of their thoughts, desires, and intentions become a shared integral space. Their different thoughts become one thought because a positive influence will be derived from each in regard to all and the goal is their shared state on an integral level.

This common general state doesn’t have to be physical at all. We already have spoken about this state that we create within us, that we describe to ourselves. Suddenly, we begin to understand that we already can realize it and that this state is completely mental. This is a system of thought that is created in which we can exist. Along with this, our physical world even can depart from our feelings and we can get rid of it. We simply pass to another state, the next level of existence, for we exist in the physical world thanks to our bodies only. After all, they belong to the level of the “beast,” whereas the integral level is truly human. The Adam is a closed system of thought and desire mutuality found on the next level, beyond our bodies.

Therefore, the still, vegetative, and animate nature that exists in our world becomes only a basis, a foundation, for us to develop our next level of existence. This is the level of a mutual connection between us, not on the corporeal level, rather on the level of thoughts and desires.
From KabTV’s “Wisdom of Crowds” 5/14/13

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What Is Required For A Person To Be Completely Happy?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am an ordinary person and my personal qualities are limited. How is it possible to create a broader integral picture from them? How is it possible to care about all humans? As it seems this is difficult.

Answer: I don’t think this is difficult. Describe to yourself that you have unlimited possibilities, that you have a “warehouse” that contains everything. You can get everything you need from there and freely distribute and fulfill everything for all humans, for anyone that you want.

Now think: What do they really need? It is not a thousand calories a day, not health insurance, a pension, a vacation, or the right to work—things which already have been written about very nicely. What would you fulfill for a person so that he will be completely happy? This is to say, you try to relate to him as if he were your small and beloved child. Imagine that to yourself.

In this condition, your desires and wishes would be unlimited. They oblige you “to enter into the other” and to connect with him. This is called the formation of integral connections from everyone to everyone.

In no way do we think about anything negative. We think only about how to feel the particular desires of every person, to succeed in realizing them or help him to realize them on his own.
From KabTV’s “Wisdom of Crowds” 5/14/13

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Balance Eliminates Contradictions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we explain to humanity the reason for all existing contradictions? People aren’t even interested in the research of “Higgs’ boson”—the “God particle”—held in CERN on the Large Hadron Collider. The latest discovery states that any instability can make the entire world and all mass disappear at any moment. How can you explain this to your students?

Answer: There is nothing ambiguous about it since I regard the world as two forces: positive and negative, bestowal and receiving. It doesn’t matter how we name them. These two forces build the entire universe, not merely this world, but even the realms that are much higher than ours and that we don’t sense through our five material, animate sensors.

In order to develop this standard of perception and observe the world through receiving and bestowal, we have to rise to this level. We are still at the elementary egoistic stage of receiving, meaning that all we do is consume everything around us. The Torah tells us that we have to bestow: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” If we manage to balance receiving and bestowal and reach equilibrium, we would realize that our world disappears between these two states and the higher dimension (the world of forces) appears to us.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis,” 3/19/13

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Not Prediction, But Research

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What makes you arrive at conclusions regarding what this world, humanity, and relationships among people will turn into in the future? What is the basis of your prognoses?

Answer: In general, there are multiple predictions that confirm that the upcoming final state of humanity is about equality and mutual inter-dependence; we all see how much our world aspires to it. Who could believe fifty years ago that there would be an African-American president? It seemed impossible!

Nature constantly seeks balance in any form: pressure fluctuations, temperature differences; everything strives to equilibrium. The same applies to human society. To the extent that we achieve correspondence with nature’s general tendencies, to the degree of our understanding that the situation that currently reveals to us pushes us to an overall balance, we’ll arrive at this state through the “mild path,” by “shedding less blood.”

Question: Can we say that your prognoses are built on developmental stages of human egoism?

Answer: Yes, by all means! I am not a “prophet,” I am a researcher. In general, the field of my expertise is exploring egoism, meaning the basis of human nature and the environment in general.

However, humanity develops egoism in a negative way. In the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, advancement of egoism brings benefits to progressing objects, whereas, at the speaking level, it expands contrary to human interests. The question is: How long will our egoism push us ahead and demonstrate to us that it is harmful? How long will it perpetrate conflict between our progress and our negation of the movement? When people approach this state, revolutions, wars, and other dramatic conflicts emerge.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis” 3/19/13

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If There Is No Joy It Means There Is No Faith

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Rabash’s article “The Matter of Suckling and Conception:” It is written, “Serve the Lord with Joy,” meaning that the joy has come to a man from serving the Creator. However, if he is working without joy, this is because of lack of faith in the greatness and importance of the King. Otherwise, there has to be joy and an uplifted spirit without any preparation for that.

Meaning, he should not see that he has no joy from the work, rather one should see that he will prepare himself to know whom it is he is serving and what His importance is, and joy is the outcome. Saying, that if he has no joy in the work, it is an indication that he has no idea about the importance of the Creator, and then one has to correct himself regarding the matter of faith.

There are people who feel no connection to spiritual matters at all and just live an earthly life. There are people who light up with spirituality and cannot leave it. And there are those who tend towards one and then the other side, wavering between the two.

It depends upon how much the Light illuminates a person. Perhaps, the Light is so weak that it gives a person only a sense of earthly existence. He chases pleasures, but they are directed not at the Creator, but just at something that he sees before him.

If the Light becomes a little stronger, then a person begins to discern that all that exists has its internal root and it comes with a particular purpose, for a reason. Thus a person advances, sometimes more, sometimes less, feeling the question, “What is this life for?”

In the end, the Light brings him to the place where he can realize his desire for spirituality. But even there, the Light pulls him to one side or to the other side, and due to these changes of states a person reveals that he lacks a connection with the source of his destiny, the source of life, the force that controls him. The more he feels his dependence on the upper force, the more he desires to know it, to understand, to approach it.

He faces various states in which he has to change his attitude towards what is happening. After all, on the one hand, he feels these states as pleasant and unpleasant, and on the other hand, he must understand that all of them come from the same Light that shows a person either day or night, either light or darkness.

The Light wants a person to relate to these states above them; that is, it doesn’t matter whether a person feels them as good or bad. What’s important is that through these states he knows the root from which they came. This means that a person works on the greatness of the Creator. He does not care what he gets from the Creator, he uses everything for advancement.

And then even more, he welcomes everything that comes from the Creator not because in this way he advances, but because in this way he can bring joy to the Creator. Thus, a person adheres to the Creator more and more and senses His greatness. He identifies himself less with the states that he receives from the Creator and his feelings, but he looks more at the One from whom he receives it all.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/17/13

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Reality Without Filters

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are laws of nature which we learn about in the form in which we exist. We are egoists, our “material” is the desire for pleasure, and we search for opportunities to enjoy life with all our senses. This is our entire goal; all our life and effort is to feel maximum enjoyment with minimum effort at every moment.

That is how we exist. All of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, as well as humans, are instinctively attracted to pleasure. This was the tendency of our development throughout all generations; all of our science is based upon this. We examine nature with a similar intention, the search for maximal pleasure. Our view of the world and the laws which we investigate, the nature discovered through comprehension of ourselves and the environment, all this passes to our emotion and understanding through that “filter” according to an established formula, demanding the exploitation of reality for our own benefit.

Therefore, our outlook is always the most narrow and selective, devoid of any complexity. We don’t truly know what is to be found around us. We comprehend and understand things only to the degree that they fit into our basic mechanism, how much it approaches our principle to enjoy life.

This internal characteristic limits us very much. We don’t see a true picture; there are still many things that are hidden from our comprehension in this world. We are not objective.

There exists around us a multitude of phenomena of which we are unaware, and yet they are directly relevant to our life and our fate. So, the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to help us, making it possible for us to “open our eyes” and look objectively at the wide world spread beyond our five senses, which are limited by the “filter” of our selfishness.

To do this we must rise above our “filters.” Only then will we feel the world as it is. This is why we need the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is most important, and at the end of the matter, the most practical thing we can do. Besides investigating our nature, we must carry out particular actions to get used to looking at the world without inner disturbances, to rise above our ego to a comprehension of true reality.

For example, suppose that I am talking with someone and I feel that I don’t understand him because of previous opinions about him that I acquired from my education, the details that I see in him are very disturbing to me and limit my ability to understand him. Only if I rise above my habits, above my nature, above the education that I received, above my narrow view, can I truly understand him.

It happens to all of us that someone may claim that we don’t understand him, don’t want to understand; only after a number of years do we understand that due to our limitations that we truly didn’t understand him. Logically, our relationship was narrow and indifferent. If we were able to rise above our “personal views,” we would see the person as he is. Though this is very difficult, it is possible.

This touches upon our general comprehension of Nature. There is a very difficult problem here. In relationships with other people we can use psychological exercises, external influences, listen to explanations, and ultimately see our mistakes, deviations in our comprehension. But how do we build the right attitude towards the entirety of nature? How is it possible to see it without our habits? This is much more difficult.

Who will explain to me how to look at the world with different eyes as if it is not me who I am seeing but someone who has no form of his own? To do this, I must become completely independent of myself….Therefore, we use the advice of Kabbalists who already went above their nature, above the ego, which limits and distorts one’s perspective. If we do precisely what they say, ultimately we will succeed.

Sometimes we draw closer to a true picture, sometimes we fall back, and vice versa. We discover our extreme limitations, discover our very “narrow” and even bleak egoistic relationship regarding various phenomena. We call these states “ascents” and “descents.” They help us understand how much we are trapped within our ego and how difficult it is to rise above it.

The Kabbalists say that in order to go out of captivity, it’s up to us to build connection with other people, and working together we try to see them more objectively. According to the formula, “each person will help his friend,” we can inspire ourselves to ascend, to want to ascend above our nature that limits us. And if we try to do this, we awaken a unique power in nature called the “Light that Reforms.” This force helps us to develop ourselves to be freed from a limited, narrow, and egotistical perspective of the world, stripping ourselves of our limitations.

And then we see a good, perfect, and eternal world without any restrictions attributed to our bodies. So we begin to feel different special senses: not sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touching, rather, Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin and Malchut. Through them we comprehend reality without limitations, and then we feel our lives as independent of the body.

We feel ourselves as perfected, eternal creatures existing within an eternal, perfect world, and relate to the body as we would to an animal, like a dog lying next to his master, each having his own life. There is a connection between them, but the person doesn’t depend on the dog at all. The living body could live and it could die while the person in us continues to exist in a higher world without limitations in an eternal reality. It’s there that he feels and discovers himself.

We feel this upper world as a unique system; we call it a “psychological” system. It becomes the “body” but it is no longer a physical body, rather what we would call the “soul.” And our entire goal is to discover our true selves that no longer exist within the material body, unlimited by its concerns and usefulness, rather rising above it to eternity and perfection.

And then we essentially discover that all of our life was meant only for this. Our body gradually grows old and dies, meaning that it stops existing as an animate form and returns to the still, yet we continue to live since within we have received true existence. This is the goal that we want to attain through learning the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The main thing here is not the learning itself, rather the actions that we must carry out among us so that with their help we can in fact develop a new sense without limitations.

Therefore, we gather in groups. This began with the first Kabbalists thousands of years ago. They also organized themselves into groups and already understood in accordance with a higher nature what kind of arrangement there must be within them, what kind of relationships there must be between friends.

You see, in a group there specifically must be friends who are connected, are concerned for each other, feel and support each other. The group needs to be whole, this is to say, to be a single whole where they complete each other and create something unified.

While building this unity, we acquire a system ready to comprehend, to feel, the upper world. This is because we have exited ourselves and exist outside of our ego. We build the group for this according to the advice of the Kabbalists. They are our teachers, and we act like them.

This is speaking of a practical science in which everything is done according to accumulated experience. Over thousands of years, people who broke through to the upper world tried various means on themselves to advance and they described this for us. So, today we are using tried and true prescriptions.

Beyond this, today, we ourselves are developing additional means to help us to advance. The conditions of life are different in every generation because our ego is growing all the time.

And today it not only grows, but it also “closes in on itself,” which has become an additional problem. We are no longer just egoists. Because of the increased strength of our ego, we want to get away from each other. We see this in statistics about divorces, and in general in the general trend: Everyone requires his own apartment, his own car, his own “place.” We prefer to connect through cell phones, through the Internet, in social networks, not face to face, not one to one. It seems to us that mutual connection has grown, yet the reality is the opposite: The world is becoming more and more divided, fragmented, dispersed.

Simultaneously, though we aspire to get away from each other, in spite of all this, we feel connected. Therefore, we build artificial systems for making connection possible, while preserving the independence of the ego. Everyone sits in his own cell, in his corner with his smart phone, with his computer, with his email. And we call this a “connection”; the main thing being not truly to touch each other.

These new phenomena in our world require new methods from us, making it possible for us to rise above the ego, to go out and feel the real world, with real feeling that hasn’t passed through the “filters” of our ego. And therefore besides the usual forms, we also use workshops. I see already that in the future we will have other similar means, in a few more months or years depending upon the advancement of the world and our advancement within it. But one way or another, all these means are designed solely for us to rise above ourselves, above our nature, and not remain trapped within the prison of our body.
From the Talk About The Importance of Gathering 5/10/13

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A Person Lives Within Desires And Acts Emotionally

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Must a person learn to feel every level of existence or is this feeling awakened automatically?

Answer: Only sufferings can occur automatically. They force us to learn, meaning, to feel all levels of existence, and the learning is self-correction, to return to my senses that were lost. Integral education involves this.

Today, I exist as a fragment thrown out of the general system. To be incorporated together with everyone, as one body, I must acquire senses that I have lost. Then I will be able to feel the other as I feel myself and the environment that surrounds me as my nature. This enables me to link correctly with the human world that surrounds me—humanity and civilization—and with the environment, the world of the animate, the vegetative, and the still.

To do this, I am required to have appropriate senses, feelings. Without feelings, I am simply not ready to act. A person lives within desires and acts emotionally. Therefore, we must recover these five senses.

Then, it is clear that nutrition and everything else will automatically be sustained in us. However, to develop these five senses in a person, we must at least bring him to the right society. With the influence of the environment, everyone can change.

The environment has the same characteristics as I do. The moment that it begins to be linked with me, it begins to pressure me, to work on me from all directions. All that I have—the infinite desires, thoughts, efforts, movements, and comprehension—all these are found 100% within the human environment. Therefore, they work on me and even mold me, acquiring every form for me internally and externally.

Therefore, for us, the main thing is precisely integral education. A person is changed under the influence of a properly adapted environment. Only after this, he begins to comprehend the influences and the more subtle fields that exist around him. His sense of smell begins to grasp what it was not ready to do before. His hearing suddenly changes. One begins to feel everything around him from a distance, like a blind person does. With sound, I can measure distances with my eyes closed.

This means that a multitude of new senses become included within me. Then, I can handle things correctly by myself; accommodating myself to the people around me. Considering that all of my senses have been sharpened clearly, I will relate differently to food, smells and sounds, everything. I try to change everything to be in harmony with this. In this way, I am changed under the influence of the environment. Through my influence and together with the environment, I change the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate. That is how this must work.

I am sure that we will succeed in recovering our lost senses through which it will become possible to feel the world around us, and with the influence of an integral link with the environment, we acquire additional senses on the level of “Human Being” found beyond the nature of the animate. Thus, I will feel life, the origin of life, the behavior of the universe, all that exists around us. In the meantime, this is beyond my senses, not perceived by them.

Together with all of humanity, or at least with part of it, I will feel the spiritual creation as one purpose, as one thought, and its influence on me. I am found within it. Everything passes through me. Everything that I do, especially the internal actions, are found in harmony with this immense system. If they are not yet in complete harmony, I will correct them. I see how I am linked through billions of threads with all the spiritual and physical elements of creation.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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